Owl City – Truly Awe-inspiring

How we love Owl city! Adam Young’s sweet sugary voice makes us want him to sing us to sleep each night (Okay, we have him all over our iPod but having him in person will ensure a better sleep. Or will it not? :P) It all started in 2007, when this talented singer-songwriter began to experiment with music in the basement of his parents house. Owl city soon developed a great fan following on Myspace, until it was signed by Universal Republic in 2008.

With lyrics that are ironical, music that is heart warming and a voice so tranquil, Owl city’s style is often categorised under the music label “electronic”. Putting down just ‘ten’ of our favourite songs made us do a lot of thinking, editing and assessing. Here’s when we decided to put down the pen and hit play on the iDock.

  1. The Saltwater Room (Ocean Eyes)
  2. Fireflies (Ocean Eyes)
  3. Shooting Star (Shooting Star)
  4. Hello Seattle (Ocean Eyes)
  5. Meteor Shower (Ocean Eyes)
  6. Vanilla Twilight (Ocean Eyes)
  7. Galaxies (All Things Bright and Beautiful)
  8. Alligator Sky (All Things Bright and Beautiful)
  9. Angels (All Things Bright and Beautiful)
  10. Umbrella Beach (Ocean Eyes)