11 Ideal Hairstyles for Over 40 and Overweight Women

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There have been so many people looking for hairstyles for over 40 and overweight women since all the fashion queens of 70s and 80s are getting over 40 now. `With age, it becomes harder to keep your weight in check, but that should never stop you from getting lovely new hairstyles. In fact, trying newer hairstyles over 40 is so cool and trendy.


Best Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 40

The overweight women over 40 love putting on their hip pictures on Instagram and getting admiration. Here are 11 hairstyles for those fat women over 40 to fall in love with their hair and to make people go crazy for them.

1. Blonde Stacked Bob

blonde bob for over 40 and overweight

Short hair is so much easier to maintain and so much cooler to not go for when you are overweight and over 40 years old women. This elegant ice blonde bob is worth going all crazy for. The easy and natural cascading of hair makes it simple and classy. The side parting makes you look younger and prettier especially when you are running out of time to style it.


2. Sleek Bob

bob hairstyles for over 40 and overweight

If natural and easy is what you are after then this cute brown bob is what you need. The middle parting makes it even chicer and you look way younger than you are. The honey low lights bring more life and energy to this short hairstyle for fat faces which helps you stay fresh and lovely throughout the day.


3. Short Shag for Fine Hair

shorty shag hairstyle for over 40 and overweight

Shags look wild and feisty but they add such energy to your aura that you cannot resist them. This shag has all the right angles and curls to have people in its awe wherever you go. The cute sleek bangs are at stark contrast to the messy shag which makes you appear more fun and love.

All the kids are especially going to find you friendly and comforting while they shy away from most other adults. A perfect hairstyle for overweight older women over 40.


4. Long Blonde Curls

blonde curly hairstyles for over 40 and overweight

Positive body image and body acceptance are what all the overweight and over 40 women are embracing. These blonde curls add the impressive charm and elegance that you need to show how body-positive you are.


5. Half-up Half Down Curls

short hairstyles for overweight over 40

The fashion queens look slaying in whatever they wear if they have the right hairstyle. This adorable over 40 and overweight lady’s hairstyle is so spiffing and cool that even young women are going to go gaga over it.

Half of the hair is pulled into a bun at the very top while the rest of it flies about in refreshing curls. This is surely what you need to match your undying energy and ever-lively spirit.


6. Sleek Lob

The charming blonde hairstyle for over 40 and overweight needs nothing but a thorough straightening to become this magical. The yellow bandana on the top is the only accessory that you need to bring more electrifying energy to your personality. The hair is trimmed the same length at all sides making it even more youthful.


7. Medium Black Hair with Bangs

The women who love being cute and friendly rock bang like queens. This is precisely what this chic and lovely hairstyle does. The natural black hair has easy waves which are brushed back to give a funky and youthful aura. You are going to love all the admiration that you get when you get this hairstyle for above 40 years old fat women.


8. Afro with Undercut

short afro hair for women over 40 and overweight

Afro hair looks amazing in all forms and at all ages. This one is no exception as the short Afro hair stands magically at the top of your head. The undercut for long hair is the best tool to bring class and intensity to it so that you appear as confident as you feel. Just have your hair slightly longer towards the front so that it falls seductively on your forehead.


9. Dimensional Blonde Bob

Age is just a figure when you have so much vigor and light in your soul. The dimensional blonde bob is going to steal all the attention from your weight and direct it to your face.

The 3D effect of the hair dye is so spectacular and attractive that you will feel confidence exuding from your core. The short bob does not need any bangs and stylish cuts to look amazing as it is already a complete package.


10. Elegant Low Bun

bun for overweight women over 40

There is nothing as classy and sophisticated as a low bun when you are exceeding 40 and overweight. The sole fringe at the front makes you look even more mature and wise since it has just the right feel about it.


11. Ombre Pixie Cut

pixie cut for over 40 and overweight

Pixie cuts have been around for a long time and their charm never goes out. This short hairstyle for over 40 and overweight is going to bring out your inner light making you shine brighter than you think. The confidence is clearly visible on the face which will make you feel younger and stronger.


These hairstyles for overweight women over 40 are the perfect way of looking their best all the time!