Overcome Your Fear!

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We all fear something. Fear of failure, losing a loved one, letting go; fear of heights, closed spaces or even the fear of a lizard or cockroach. Be it anything, there’s not even one amongst us who can stand tall and proud and say that “Yes, I do not fear anything”. In fact, at times I wonder if we, humans, are conditioned to be fearful of something, at any point of time. As kids, our mothers would put us off to sleep early, and on the days we rebelled, we were told to obey or else the monster below the bed would come out and take us away. Growing up, we became fearful of examinations, the results and the parent teachers meet when our parents would go through our answer sheets. A few years later, we weren’t able to wear the clothes we wanted to, fearing what the society would say, we weren’t able to live our lives our way, wondering if we’ll be misjudged or misinterpreted by the people around us. All this, and many more acts culminated over the years, has made ‘fear’ a second nature to us. We’re as comfortable fearing something, as we are breathing, for we fail to see anything wrong about it? And why may I ask? Because we are programmed to believe that it’s absolutely normal, in fact, even healthy to be afraid of something.


Getting over what frightens you is essential to your development to your fullest self. Living one’s life is constant dread and terror is a great impediment to your growth, the results of which will come to the fore when you least expect them too. For a healthy mind and a healthy body to function in the most productive of ways, it is imperative that he/she be free from road blocks, fear being high on this hit list. Imagine for yourself, a world free of all anxiety, panic and trepidation, where you are liberated of the shackles of mental slavery, some of that do not even exist and are but a creation of your own hang ups and restrictions.

We get to you a few easy ways to help you fight your greatest enemy, fear, and not just win the battle but also befriend this wicked little creep.


Face your fears

Firstly, define what it is that consumes you and feeds on your fears. Is it something that you’ve developed recently or do you remember it from childhood? Analyse as to what caused you to fear this specific object, event, place or person and think about it with all your strength. This will take a few tries before you get it right but nothing should make you want to give up on the task. Remember, perseverance pays.

It’s all in the mind

If you’ve killed your fear in your head, 50% of the job is done. Since fear basically resides in the mind, battling it out where it feels at home is one of the major tasks involved. Put your foot down, be as stubborn as you can be and watch your terror vanish into thin air.

Gradually switch to action

Now that you’ve conquered the territory of the brain, it’s time to indulge in some action. But not into straightaway 100% action. Go slow, go gentle and be kind to yourself. For example- If you are afraid of heights, see pictures and videos of people who’ve been at soaring levels, next, take one flight of stairs at a time and gradually increase your count to reach the terrace of your building and apartment.


Destroy fear

If you truly want to unfetter yourself from this trauma, make a sincere effort towards it. Stay occupied, because an idle mind will only make you think about it more, while keeping yourself busy will channel your energies towards better causes and activities. Make sure you demolish it from its very root, so that there are absolutely no chances of a comeback or re occurrence.

Don’t Separate all entities

One of the most enlightening and educating sayings in this regard is, “Who sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear” (Isa Upanishad). Therefore, don’t remove yourself from the world, if you see others as a part of you, and picture yourself as a part of them, fear will eventually evaporate.