Overcome the Rape Trauma: Forwarding the Healing Hands

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For me, ‘Rape’ depicts the most disgraceful affair. Every time I listen or read regarding this, feeling is sore and pathetic. The disgust touch, which leads towards oppressing your body parts, shatters your being into millions of pieces. Only someone’s body is not hurt; the soul gets scratches. It’s indescribable, what pain the wounded soul feels.


If we could have sensed this hideous feeling even a bit, perhaps, then we could have realized how traumatizing it is for them, who’ve ever been a victim of this ruthless felony.

Taking a sigh…

Well, the deliberation is to give some healings to those, who’re in the agony. They need a ray of hope to continue their lives. We’ll not talk about facts and figures or percentages either. To render some suggestions, which can bring some hope in some lives, it’s imperative.

Many sufferers do not want to speak about it. So initially, you need to watch out for some warning signs.


  • Feeling of being an unimportant element
  • Failure to concentrate
  • Loss of satisfaction in many activities
  • No desire of changes in food
  • Sleeping moulds
  • Inclination for suicide

When recognized, they must be considered for medical treatment.

For The Victim

Speak your heart out:

If you’re gushed with anxiety, then for god sake, speak out! Build trust on a person, and let all the disdain flow out. Keeping it in your own heart might turn you in martyrdom. Tell how you feel; screech, or cry. But just once, do it, so that in the future you don’t waste your tears on that. This’ll also aid you to get away from those aggravating thoughts, which might give you an impulse to injure yourself.

Professional/Medical Support:

If you think that you can fight against the trauma alone and overcome it, then it’s certainly goes for applause. But for some, it’s not painless. Don’t give a second thought while seeking assistance from counsellor/psychiatrist. They’ll accurately assess for your medications, and will suggest you many effective ways to come out of it. Don’t get shy or feel embarrassed, as they’re there to help you out, not to humiliate you.

Engage Yourself:

Yes! I think this one is the best and most effectual. It’s understandable that forgetting the misfortune is not easy. But, digging the past again and again, or to stuck with it forever, don’t make any sense. God has given us life to- learn, forget and forgive. The latter, we leave up to you; however, the prior is quite possible, and has healed many. Keeping you busy with small stuffs in a daily routine is the pre-eminent cure. Playing with kids or lending a hand to your mother in the kitchen, can give you more contentment. Remember, life doesn’t end here; take pleasure in it!

Though a lot more procedures and methods are involved, these are the main conducts, to realize and start on the initial level, to alleviate. And we hope, if you care for yourself or for your loved ones, then follow it with heart, and get the beautiful life back soon, with positivity.

For all the people- if you find this abhorrence sin happening around, take assistance from this site: The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)