21 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Glasses

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As we get older, those young, flowing hairstyles can actually make us look older. Add glasses to the mix and you might feel like granny well before you become one. Plus, the longer the hair, the more difficult it can be to take care of as you get on in years.

Not to worry though, because with the right short hairstyle framing your face, even with glasses, you can still look flawlessly stylish and absolutely fabulous while embracing your age. We’ve hand-picked these 31 short hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses so you can see how truly spectacular you can look at any age.


Best Short Haircuts for Over 50 with Glasses

Check out these amazing short hairstyles that are the perfect choices for women over 50 with glasses.

1. Stacked Layered Bob

short blonde hair for women over 50 with glasses

A bit of glossy sheen and color with a touch of honey adds just enough vibrancy to keep you looking youthful even in over 50 age without trying too hard. With a part swept to the side, it’s a versatile short look to wear with glasses.


2. Purple Power

over 50 women with short purple hair and glasses

There is an exception to the rule of not going too youthful with hair color when you’re over 50 with glasses. If you let your gray show and touch it with a bright pop of color like this fit-for-royalty purple here, it looks fun and funky without looking like you’re stuck in the 80s.

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3. Spiked and Accessorized

short spiky hair for women over 50 with specs

Spiky short hair looks great on women over 50. A sandy color is flattering too, and if you want to dress it up, glasses and accessories are still very doable, and adorable.


4. Short Caramel Blonde Hair

best short hairstyles for over 50 with glasses

With just a small streak of a bright color like this red here, it lets the world know you’re not some doddering old bitty. In fact, with a style like this, you earn your cool points with the younger generations while letting those in your age bracket know you’re down for more than knitting sweaters and holding babies.


5. A touch of Gray and Pink

short hairstyles for over 50 with glass 5

This short and smooth look has a bit of tousles to add more volume and we love the deep gray mixed with the pops of pink. It’s a very age-appropriate way for women above 50 with specs to add color and fun, embracing youthfulness without looking like you don’t know your limits.


6. Face-framing Highlights

This look is all about a sleek, short purple hairstyle with natural brown in the back and funky-fun with pink and purple in the front. The contrast between natural and colorful is playful and flattering even for those over 50.


7. Perfectly Coifed

It’s totally cool, totally hip and lets the natural colors of white and gray come through. Not all women feel they need to hide behind color. If you’re tired of coloring your hair, this is a stunning short hairstyle that brings out the volume of your hair and looks great with glasses for any occasion, day or night.


8. Shaggy Pixie

Thinning hair looks better with a tousled style. This pixie cut looks great on women over 50 because it adds volume, plus her variants in colors from white to gray give it a nice texture for a great wearable daily style.


9. Textured Pixie

Growing old gracefully? No thanks! If that’s your attitude, try this look that keeps grays in place yet adds playful style to longer chunks of hair, throwing them here and there like you just don’t care. It’s organized chaos in hair form, and we’re absolute digging this short hair for over 50 with glasses style right now!


10. Fine Bob for Over 50

women over 50 with glasses short hairstyles

It’s office chic, something that makes us immediately think of Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada except in a more approachable way. What? She WAS totally stylish in that movie and this look takes the positive highlights from it with a sleek, short layered bob in a variety of grays and whites for a look that commands power and prestige.


11. All the Grays

For over 50 women with glasses, sometimes a simple layered short haircut is best. The white to gray fading in color looks trendy and cool, especially since it’s what younger people are doing to their hair to be on-trend.

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12. Wavy Pixie Cut

Gray hair doesn’t have to look old. This is a prime example! With the soft, sleeked over the wave, it looks full and shiny, making it a great choice for older women with glasses.


13. Playful Purple

When women above 50 do color their hair, we see a lot of purples and there’s a reason for it. Pastel purple hair color looks great on just about everyone. It’s youthful yet mature all in one, and it’s an excellent pairing with grays.

We love this shiny ‘do with natural gray and touches of a rich purple woven in. It’s definitely the way to go if you don’t want to look over 50.


14. Short Shag for Fine Hair

Unlike other gray styles, this one looks more youthful and it works for them who wear glasses. The hair is sleek and a bit wispy yet looks voluminous. The gray has cool tones to it too, working with your natural gray while incorporating precision from a stylist to give it a modern look.


15. The Barbara

short hairstyles for over 50 with glass 15

One of the most iconic first ladies of our time was Barbara Bush. She always had such class and style, and this short hairstyle for women with glasses channels one of Barbara’s greatest looks. It’s flattering and classic, a win for anyone that wants a sophisticated style.


16. Short Blonde Hair + Bangs

It’s wholesome, sweet and soft. Take your whitened hair and style it in short, sweeping waves. You’ll have that baking-pies look to you that everyone loves and trusts.


17. Long Pixie with Bangs

This whitened gray takes thin yet sleek hair and gives it a bit of an uneven chop for a trendy style. While a bit asymmetric, it’s incredibly graceful and lovely, ideal for ladies over 50 with glasses.


18. Short Permed Hair

Curly hair, don’t care? Let those curls flow! Short curls on gray-white hair look smashing because they add depth and fullness to your hair. Plus this style is easy to manage for daily wear to always look lovely.


19. Short and Simple

Clean, precise, short, and simple, this look for over 50 is another easy-to-manage style. With whites and grays, and perfectly framed glasses it projects a look of volume and texture that goes beautifully with anything.


20. Faux Hawk

short faux hawk for over 50 with glasses

Go for a spunky and sporty spiky faux-hawk look. With a touch of gray in this mousy brown, it looks stylish and comfortable, not to mention easy to manage for a trendy and modern style for older women.

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21. Tousled Bob

women over 50 with short hair and glasses

What we love about this style is it looks like you’ve just come home from the stylist, even if you haven’t. It adds volume around the face for a dignified style that you can wear casually or for a more fancy event.


These great styles give something for every woman over 50 with short hair and glasses. Whether you want to take a more youthful approach or flaunt the wisdom of your years, you’ll find the perfect look right here!