Outrage of India at the Sickening Delhi Gang-rape Case.

The whole country is shattered about the Delhi gang rape case that happened a few days back. The unfortunate event that has sparked protests all over the country has also raised a glaring question mark on the integrity of women in this country. Everybody is debating about what’s wrong… is it the legal loopholes, the nonchalance of police department or the distorted mindset of the people that build the society?

While some of us are infuriated, some have used the social platform to vent out their anger. The silver lining is that people are at least speaking up, admitting that THIS IS NOT OKAY. Have a look at the tweets we thought are worth sharing with you.

Huma Qureshi ‏@humasqureshi
“I am girl. I am from Delhi. It could have been me. Fear is not a deterrent. Only a temp sensational way of brushing aside the real issue.”

Priyanka Chopra @priyankachopra
“It’s so scary that an independent woman in her own country cannot take a bus without the fear of being attacked… This is not just a crime against women… It’s a crime against society… With so much being said about how women need to dress appropriately or behave appropriately… I find this whole dialogue absurd… A woman is not raped because she’s out at night or wearing a short dress or drinking… She’s raped because SOMEONE bloody RAPED HER!! And there is no excuse or explanation for that!! Small men who feel powerful by taking on a young girl minding her own business?! Living her beautiful life?! What Kind of a democracy r we living in? Where a girl can’t be all she wants to be just out of fear of Man!! Is this India Shining?? Is this even India? Whr is the fear of the law? Of the Govt? It’s shameful!”

Dia Mirza ‏@deespeak
“I am ashamed. I am a part of a race that can do such harm. No place for Apathy. Enough. Say it. Feel it. And stand by it! I will.” #sick

Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan
“T 965 -Injustice of rape shall invite many discussions. Advocate harshness of punishment, human rights move in. Follow law…legal loopholes”

Farhan Akhtar ‏@FarOutAkhtar
“Yes we can stoop lower as a people. The Delhi bus gang-rape is proof of that. Is justice asleep? I believe swift and severe punishment is the only deterrent. These deviants are not afraid of consequence as it comes too little too late. Everything has a tipping point and r nation just crossed it with the Delhi gang rape case. We demand a new, faster system of justice 4 Rape.”

Chetan Bhagat ‏@chetan_bhagat

“Things make us angry, but barbarism should not be answered with barbarism. Be mindful and take rational, strict but civilized action.”


“We cannot blame a ghastly act as the collective deterioration of the world we live in. It is not an external condition. İTS US!  becos we make that collective & if we dont punish the rapists then rightfully we will be punished..soon…very soon…when this inhuman crime reaches our homes and families.”

Gul Panag ‏@GulPanag

“Stricter punishment 4 rapists – castration/death by stoning is unlikely to change things. What WILL change is the fear of assured conviction. What’s the point of “death penalty” (which opens another debate btw) for rapists when there is hardly any likelihood of conviction? The IPC provides for a minimum punishment of 7yrs for rape – IMO a strong deterrent – if backed by WILL to implement/execute/convict.”

Gaurav Kapur ‏@gauravkapur
“We’re harping about respect. Problem is that some minds are so sick, so twisted, that the only language they will understand is fear!”

Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan

T 965 –“The fear of system, of order, of conduct guided by justice, is fast disappearing. Is this the freedom that our elders fought for!! Injustice of rape shall invite many discussions. Advocate harshness of punishment, human rights move in. Follow law…legal loopholes. Durga, Kali, Lakshmi are goddesses… we pay homage to them, respect them. Women need to be respected, and given pride of place!! On this public platform I dare not even attempt to mention the details of the rape case… even an animal would not behave so .. !!”

And Now a Piece of My Mind

In a country like India where we worship goddesses with utmost dedication, where we devote 9 days to the celebration of their powers, it’s utterly saddening to see the objectification of women. What needs to be treated in the first place, is the ‘mindset’. The people who worship goddesses in temples, are also the ones who conveniently shut their eyes on the demeaning treatment that women receive in their neighborhoods  The gender bias that is cultivated in the children from a very early stage, is responsible behind generating such demons. Sons should be brought up in a way that they learn to respect women instead of considering them an object of entertainment. We ladies are responsible that the generation that we bring up takes a leap ahead of the rotten beliefs and practices that are debasing women. And yes, there comes a point when we feel entirely helpless and broken, when we want to give up but we have to, and, we will stand strong and constantly ask for justice, every time, every single time any such thing happens. And then only we can hope that it all may end someday!