DIY Craft: Out Of The Box Unique Ideas

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Hanging pictures on the walls of your room is turning outdated. The new trend is to suspend the pictures of your friends and family on each of the branches of this tree. You may even light up the tree to make it look even more beautiful.

Have lots of makeup and little jewelry lying around in your drawer and bag. Pick a few trays from your mum’s kitchen and arrange them one under another. Now stock up your knick-knack on this creation and place it right where you need it most. (hint: the mirror)

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The plastic bottles that you drink your cola and soda in and later dispose off have found a better use. Though we strongly condemn the use of plastic, this time cut off the upper portion of your bottle and thread the little flower shapes together. Pretty as ever they look.

Your plain black lingerie can be totally overhauled using some studs (sequins, lace and buttons can be used too). Pick super glue and stick your shiny stones in different ways and designs. Here’s how we’d like to do it.

Adorable little flowers can be made with the help of old newspapers (or books), colorful buttons and a thread and needle. You can use them to stick on your journal, decorate your room or gift to a friend. Lovely.

Old wine bottles make for excellent show pieces. Paint your bottles in different hues and scribble across a message or saying. You can also use different sizes of bottles to make them appear even more attractive.