One Month Old Columbian Baby Walks To Scare The Parents!

How would you feel if you see a one month old year baby starts walking and laughing like adults? Reminds you of “The Omen”???

Now, this is exactly what is happening with the Columbian mom or at least she claims so. Ann Feria Santos has made a bizarre claim, that her baby whom she delivered last month, is a ‘devil in disguise’ as her community puts it. Ann lives in Lorica, near Caribbean coast, and she says that soon after the birth, she started noticing abnormal behaviour in the infant.

She claims that he is one month old and walks without any difficulty which is quite a leap! She also claims that he keeps cackling for hours like an adult and would often hide under the bed, washing machine or suitcase to shock the parents. The neighbours too confirmed the claims by saying that the little kid is possessed by evil spirits. (Now that is SO scary!)

The mother suspects that the devil kid can breathe fire as she has found burn marks on his body clothes, and the sofa where he often sits. Doctors have refused to believe the story, and an investigation has been started off in order to find the truth. A team of psychologists, doctors and lawyers, is currently looking into the matter, and reports say that the child has been abused.

Now, I wish whatever they are upto they find the whole truth soon! I’ve heard married couples saying  “kids are scary but don’t want it to be so literal!”