Once Again, A Gang Rape Stirs The Capital!

When the entire nation was busy in some or the other work to enjoy their weekends, again a shocking event in the capital has blown the peace of our minds. A 23-year-old para-medical student got brutally gang raped by five to seven ruthless men at night around 9.15 p.m. She boarded the bus with her boyfriend after watching the movie, with no idea of those cruel men sitting inside. The charter bus was going from Munirka to Dwarka, which had no other passengers except these men.

Initially, they started misbehaving with the girl. When the guy intervened to save her, they had beaten him badly, and then sexually assaulted the girl. They both were beaten up severely with an iron rod; however, the girl has got more severe injuries in her intestine and stomach. During this entire incident, the merciless driver was constantly driving the vehicle for about 45 minutes. And after this deplorable tragedy, they both were thrown under the flyover in Mahipalpur. A PCR van saw them and, then they have been taken to Safdarjung Hospital nearby 12.15 a.m. 

The wounded girl is yet on a ventilator, and is in a very critical condition fighting for her life. She had already undergone multiple surgeries and according to the doctors, she had received damages on her intestines and stomach that are irremediable.  The chartered bus had been identified in the CCTV cameras while passing a luxury hotel.

Different political members have given different views on this appalling incident of Delhi. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, too felt remorseful about the girl’s condition and has given orders to take strict action against the assailants. Kiran Walia, Education and Social Welfare Minister also gave a fuming response: “No one will be spared. It is a shocking incident. We will take strict action.”

Four of the accused rapers have already been arrested, including the bus driver Ram Singh.  They snatched the cell phones of the victims too before throwing them off the bus on the flyover.  One of the mobile phones, recently used by the rapers helped Delhi police officials tracking them fast. The bus driver has refused to be present for the identification parade by victims. Delhi police is trying to trace rest of the gang-rapers, with the help of Ram Singh.  The iron rod, which was used for assaulting the victims has also been tracked.

Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University have also proclaimed their outburst on this incidence by protesting in front of the Vasant Kunj Police Station.

Now, we say that we live in a most modern and open era of all times, and we all are liberal citizens of a free country. So, how modern or how liberal do you think you are, after seeing such an incident? We have a constant debate going on this issue that the assaulter roams freely around,  but a victim who is raped got imprisonment in her home for her entire lifetime. Even though, we don’t find any transformation in the society or any relief for the victims. On the contrary, the fatalities and their families are penalised more by the societal refutation. With these loopholes, we can see the flexibilities in our country’s laws and constitutions. These attackers use their power of money and political connections, to get out of the lock ups. And, the victim and their families get penniless if they dare to put a fight against such criminals.

So, we can together advocate something, which can bring a positive revolutionary change in the laws of our country. And bring an end to such gruesome criminal activities.