OMG ! Katrina’s Mini Diary Revealed !

Model turned actor Katrina Kaif has moved far beyond than being tagged as Salman’s lady. Having more than a dozen of films in her kitty, the lady seems to be hunting for more and more! While being tagged as Salman’s ladylove in the industry, she is now romancing Ranbir Kapoor. Yes! This gal certainly knows how to handle media questions. So, we decided to catch her to find out more!


Feminiya brings out the real story behind this Mysterious Girl…

How do you feel being India’s most googled face, and compared to a Barbie doll?

(Laughs)… Well, Google is an essential part of life, and it makes me feel precious! I dint know I am this amusing for my fans; I thought they just love to see me on the screens. And yes! Every girl loves being compared to a Barbie. It was my childhood dream to dress up like them, and wear makeup like them. Yeah, it feels remarkable!

What is your relationship status? How do you feel about it?

(Again laughs) Single at the moment! It is a bit lonely at times, but I cannot gel up with anybody just like that. I do not get much free time coz most of the times I am shooting, and I am okay with that. I like to concentrate on my work rather than fooling around. When I am free, I relax or enjoy being with sisters.

What is your style on real and reel?

I like comfort. I prefer jeans and a tee. When I am not shooting, I wear a track pants and a comfy tee.

Katrina in Sari or Skirt?

While I was shooting for Rajneeti, I started liking saris. They are easy to carry, and once you drape them, you are carefree. But in skirts, you have so much to take care off! A big yes to Sari!

What is your take on sex?

Birds do it! Flees do it! Educated fleas do it! (Smiles!) But yeah love is platonic…!

What is your say on cosmetic surgery?

It is his or her choice! If one is okay with it go for it. If you have chosen to go down the road, be extremely careful.

Who was your biggest crush?

Hmmm…When I was young…Really young (laughs!), I had a huge crush on Johnny Depp…I am sure every gal did!

Rajneeti or Namastey London?

Aaw! Tough to choose! ‘Rajneeti’ coz I played something majorly different from the glam roles.

Favourite Khan?

Amir Khan.

Marriage Plans?

No! Not at the moment! I will let it happen when the time comes.

With this small tete-a-tete with Katrina Kaif, I sign off. Hope to catch some more of her, in the next session!