OMG! Are You Acting Like A Psycho Girlfriend?

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We all sometimes loose our mind and behave in a weird way but it must end there. There are times when we unknowingly give way to these weird habits in our every day behavior  It bugs out everyone around us and we just wonder what went wrong! A totally imaginable situation!

So, here are few signs which you must check for and if you are showing these… well well, it’s a ‘ Full stop’ time girls!

Calling Your Boyfriend Constantly

So you called him up and he did not take your call. What are you supposed to do? Constantly keep calling him coz he obviously doesn’t have the right to have some private time or you want him to take his phone along to the bathroom too?

Take it easy! If you constantly call or text him even when he isn’t replying… yes! You are acting like a crazy girl, so stop!

Stalking him on Facebook

So stalking doesn’t only mean wearing a black overcoat with over sized hat and following him while the ‘pink panther theme’ plays in the background. It’s a cyber world! Right? So if you constantly check his cyber activities or worse… you hack in his account and spy on him. Stop right there, you are on the verge of turning your sweet romance flick to a tragic one!

Asking His Friends If He Talks About You

If you keep asking his or your friends if he is into you or not and what does he say about you and blah blah blah… you seriously need to stop and check. You guys are in a relationship, so wouldn’t it be a nice idea to let him have the privilege of telling you how he feels about you?
And friends after all, aren’t always the best guides!

No Life Of Your Own

If you are always (and I mean always) available for him. If he calls you while you are sleeping, eating, reading, talking or shitting and you just can’t tell him to wait for a while then you definitely are acting crazy! Have a life of your own and make him a part of your life. Letting your life revolve around his texts and phone calls isn’t really a good idea.

Every Time The Phone Lights Up, So Does Your Eyes?

If you keep checking your phone every five minutes. This is purely obsession and not love. Whoever said ‘love is patient’ was not kidding (and is surely pulling his hair out in the heavens). Unlocking your phone and pressing random buttons won’t make him text you sooner! So, take a break, or should I say give him some room!