10 Captivating Ombre Pixie Haircuts to Copy in 2019

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It’s almost springtime, which means it is the perfect time for ombre pixie cuts. At this point in time, you have to think about what is the best thing you can do for your hair. We strongly suggest pixie cuts!

Firstly, your hair will be short. That means, lesser effort styling it and less worrying about the heat. Secondly, ombre couldn’t be more alive right now. This haircut is basically an all in one package. Perfect for spring, in trend and fun. If there is even the slightest bit of interest, you continue to read below to select the trendiest pixie cuts for yourself!


Gorgeous Ombre Pixie Hairstyles

We have compiled a list of ombre pixie cuts for young women to try this season.

1. Perfect Peachy Ombre

ombre pixie with side bangs

This side sweep ombre pixie is perfect for someone with a significantly broad forehead. With this haircut, you still have volume but at the same time, it’s the epitome of edgy. The peachy pink ombre couldn’t be more suitable for spring. It’s stunning, edgy and diverse.


2. Fade to Lavender

lavender ombre pixie for women

Grey hair is a common problem even for young adults. This ombre grey hair fading into lavender is a perfect solution to this problem. You are presented with the opportunity of hiding your greys. But at the same time, you are going about it in a trendy and fun way. Nothing could be better for spring than lavender ombre hair and a wavy pixie haircut.


3.  Golden Brown Pixie

Golden Brown Ombre Pixie Cut

This golden brown ombre pixie cut is a perfect variation of a side sweep. If you are someone who sways more towards natural colors, this haircut and color couldn’t be more perfect. Whilst your hair color is playing it safe, your haircut isn’t. And that is what makes this the perfect combination. The golden brown hair is perfect for all skin types and tones. So if you are skeptical about color, this is perfect to start with.


4. Purple Candy

woman with purple ombre pixie cut

When you look at this picture, it emits this fierce vibe. This makes the cut perfect for some who isn’t afraid to stand out. The haircut itself is a beautiful mix of a side sweep and aline cut. It’s futuristic, trendy and everything right.


5. Grey Ombre Pixie Cut

 Grey Ombre Pixie Cut

Every time you probably scroll through your feed when you search hairstyles, grey hair always pops up. Grey as hair color is almost like the new blonde or black. Which makes now the perfect time to go all grey. This pixie cut when paired with black and grey ombre hair color just looks outwardly. Undoubtedly, it is perfect for this spring season.


6. Fine Blonde Ombre

This hairstyle looks so classy. It is the very reason why it is so intriguing and attractive. As a person, if you lean more towards blonde hair colors, this hits the nail on its head. The blonde and dark brown ombre on pixie hair is simple yet chic. Nothing gets better than this side sweep ombre pixie haircut.


7. Mohawk Inspired Hairstyle

pink ombre pixie cut

No other color but pink can remind you of spring- blooms, and blossoms. This hairstyle is strongly inspired by the artist “Pink”. All of the above makes it even more desirable. All in all, this ombre haired pixie cut scream spring and fun, which is why you should definitely get it.


8. Teal Zeal Pixie

This hair color is the perfect pop of color for any season. It is a perfect option for you if you are a natural blonde. The hair color signifies something out of the box and new. Bella Thorne has been seen sporting this color. So if green excites you, these short haircuts with colors are just perfect.


9. Simply Fire

pixie cut with fire ombre

This ombre pixie haircut is a perfect emo hairstyle. The ombre colors are not common, which is what makes this look more exciting. It’s definitely something new to try. Especially during this spring season, and festival season. It would be a great idea to rock something as edgy and bright as this.


10. Plum Brown Hair

plum ombre pixie cut on black hair

Plum is the most versatile color. Hence, it is another color you can never go wrong with. This black and brownish plum is a beautiful color to opt for. Nothing could be better than sporting this ombre pixie cut this season. It is the right kind of bright and beautiful. The hair color being versatile it will suit anyone as well.


Ombre pixie haircuts couldn’t be more in! This is the perfect time for a change, a change that will look breathtaking. There is no way you could go wrong with any of the hairstyles listed above. If you need a sign to just go to the solon and get something different done. This is it.