Odd Beauty Products to Enhance Your Beauty

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Do you know the strange story behind the products, lying as a part of your vanity box? Decades ago, when there were no departmental stores, people used to make beauty products at home. They tend to use certain elements, obtained from the animals, insects or anything living. This practice still prevails, but, now-a-days, these items are available in different colours and fragrances in the form of cosmetic products. Let’s check out, how these weird and ugly products contribute to our beauty.

1.     Propolis


It is a brownish resin, collected by honey bees from bark and buds of trees, and it is called as “bee glue”. It is found in various natural cosmetic products, like creams, lotions, lip-balms, toothpaste, conditioners, etc. It possesses anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic and antiseptic properties. But, keep in mind; it is not suitable for every skin type, and you need to be careful before buying it.

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2.     Ambergris


Ambergris is extremely waxy and flammable substance with an earthy and sweet odour. This item is found in whale’s intestine, and people use this for manufacturing different kinds of fragrances.

3.     Hooves and Feathers


Keratin and gelatin are animal products; taken from the hooves, skin, horns, bones, feathers and hair of animals, like chicken, horses and cows. These ingredients are used as obligatory agents in making conditioners and shampoos.

4.     Wax


It’s very common and necessary cosmetic product for every girl. But, do you know, what people used to do in ancient times with this product? In Egypt, people used to stick the wax and the scented ointment on their head. With the increase in their body temperature, the wax used to get melted, leaving a pleasing fragrance on their body.

5.     Chitosan


Chitosan oligosaccharide is prepared from a starch, which is found in the skeleton of crabs, shrimp and various shellfish, known as Chitin. This weird component is mostly used in facial creams and cleansers, and helps in keeping the skin moisturized and nourished.

6.     Carmine

Red paprika powder in a round glass

It’s a red colour pigment, obtained from some scale insects. Mostly, these insects are found in the areas of Canary Islands, Chill, Mexico and Peru. People living in these areas used to crush these insects to get the carminic acid, which was used for making bright red colour dye. You can find this ingredient in your eye shadows and lipsticks.

7.     Kohl


People of North America, Middle East, Greece and Egypt use Kohl to make black colour eyeliner. Kohl is made up of soot (carbon particles that are obtained from the incomplete burning of hydrocarbons). They believe that it protects their eyes from harsh sun rays and infections.

8.     Guanine


Beauty products, like nail polish, shimmery lotions and shampoos are made up of a compound, called guanine. Strangely, this compound is prepared from guano (droppings of seabirds and bats) and fish scales. 

9.    Civet


Civet is a cat-like mammal, but its muzzle resembles to a mongoose or an otter. Now, you must be thinking what we have to do with this animal?

Well, the perineal gland of this mammal secrets a strong-smelling substance, which is used as a stabilizing agent and fragrance for perfume. People collect these glands either by scraping the secretions from a live animal’s gland or by killing the animal. It is a very painful process for civets and so, has been objected by the Animal Right. 

10.    Silk


Silk is famous not only in India, but also in overseas. Ladies in Japan use silk in making cosmetics. Do you know that about 18 amino acids are found in silk and people use it in making moisturizers and other cosmetic products? Silk is obtained from silkworms, and it’s true that silk benefits your skin, immensely.