New Hydrate Range by Bobbi Brown: Bliss for Dry Skin

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Bobbi Brown is amongst the world’s best makeup artists and also the favorite celebrity makeup woman. Her products are used by the classiest and the most beautiful women around the globe, which makes them more charming and fascinating.


Bobbi truly realizes the fact that makeup is not sufficient to keep you glowing and beautiful as makeup is the temporary and superficial agent that alters your skin for the time being, like for a few hours. Besides makeup, our skin needs to be beautiful from within, so that, it gets more toned up with a little application of makeup products. Keeping in mind the same, Bobbi has come up with a range of skin care products that work not only to make your skin look beautiful, but also rejuvenate your skin from deep within. Hydrating range by Bobbi Brown is one such range that is the miraculous skin drink for dry skin and even normal skin, as they make your skin ultra soft and supple.

Let me share a secret with you that I heard few days back and the secret is that dry skin needs to be treated with mineral water instead of normal one to keep it hydrated and without flakes. Hydrating skin care range by Bobbi Brown uses exactly the same i.e. mineral water in its skin care products as mineral water contains exactly what dry skin needs- ‘moisture’.  Hydrating range creams are so light weight that they get sink into your skin quite easily and smoothly and at the same time, make your skin glow for the whole day.

According to Bobbi, this range works in three ways on your skin- hydrates, balances, and revives. Let’s find out how does it work in these three steps?



It supplies your skin with plethora of hydration, so that, you are good to go for the whole day. The moment you apply it on your skin and massage it, all the dehydrated and flaky skin gets vanished and you will be left with nothing, but a hydrated, supple and a glowing skin. It contains Hyaluronic acid and glycerin that are natural moisturizing agents, which keeps your skin moisturized for over 24 hours.


The hydrating range products know exactly the amount of hydration your skin needs and hence, they deliver the right amount of it, thus, maintaining a correct balance of hydration on your skin, leaving it glowing for the whole day.


Each and every product of this range contains collagen forming ingredients that form new collagens on your skin, thereby, improving the overall condition of your skin.

Which all products exactly Bobbi offers you in this range?

#1- Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser


Applied to dry skin, this rich moisturizing cleanser removes dirt and makeup off your skin effectively, without sucking any moisture out of it. Hence, your skin is left soft and supple. It comes with enriched mineral water and avocado butter.

Usage: Apply on dry skin and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly.

#2- Hydrating Face Tonic


It is supposed to be applied immediately after cleanser. It restores and balances the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. It comes with enriched mineral water and cucumber extracts.

Usage: Apply after cleansing your face with a cotton ball or pad morning and night.

#3- Hydrating Gel Cream


It is extremely light weight and supplies adequate amount of water to your skin. Besides providing hydration, it also rejuvenates your skin from within. It comes with enriched mineral water and tropical grass extracts.

Usage: Apply it to cleansed face morning and night.

#4- Hydrating Face Cream


It is a very light weight formula that glides onto your skin and get absorbed smoothly, supplying plethora of hydration to your skin. It is one of the best conditioners for your skin. It keeps your makeup at place for hours whilst making you feel fresh throughout the day. It comes with enriched mineral water and algae extracts.

Usage: Massage gently onto cleansed skin. Use it during morning and night.

#5- Hydrating Eye Cream


Eye area is perhaps the most sensitive area in our whole body. When this sensitive area gets exposed to harmful UV rays, blows of polluted air and dirt, eyes become tired and dehydrated and they need a dose of moisture to restore the suppleness and hydration. The hydrating eye cream comes with natural agents that hydrate the sensitive area around eye, making it refreshed, soft and supple for 24 hours. It comes with enriched mineral water and Aloe Vera.

Usage: Apply with your fingers, patting gently around the eye area. Make sure that the cream gets dried up completely before you apply anything else.

#6- Hydrating Intense Night Cream

bobbi-brown-skin-care-hydrating-face-cream-6It is said by many dermatologists that the amount of moisture that your skin can absorb during night cannot be matched with the other time of the day. Hydrating night cream by Bobbi Brown is a luxurious and concentrated night cream that not only hydrates and moisturizes your skin from deep within, but also plumps the fine lines. As a result, your skin looks smoother and healthier. It comes with enriched mineral water and white birch extract.

Usage: Apply to cleansed skin before going to bed.

Well, all the products sound really interesting and effective on skin. I recommend you to try any of the products and see, if it works. Soon, I am coming with the review of these products, which will help you better know more about these products.