Natural Beauties, No More Natural

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Remember the natural beauties of 80’s, where makeup was the only factor to look beautiful? Gone are the days! The new generation of B-Town, has dominated the Bollywood with the new trend. Read on to know, how?

She is the one, who has the finest body in Bollywood. Any guesses, who is she? Right, Mrs Shilpa Shetty Kundra! No doubt, one has to go under the knife, to reach where she is, right now.


‘Bebo mein Beboo…’ Who doesn’t know, who is she? There was a time when this girl was just plane Jane. Look at her now! She is one of the most stylish actresses in the film fraternity, and the trend setter of Zero- Figure.


Well! do you remember this hotness? Minisha Lamba in ‘Mausam mastana yeh dil diwana…’ Bang on! The beauty of  her hot avatar in ‘Kidnap’ was breathtaking. Do I need to mention the changes? The Botox, the Bomb…


The Yummy Mummy, Karishma! I am zapped. Look at this beauty’s old picture, and count the changes. I know that it’s a difficult task, but it’s true, that this beauty has gone for an extreme makeover to look this way.


After seeing this, you must have remembered the controversy of not paying bills to the poor doctor who added oomph on her assets. I mean, for the silicone implants. Well! We feel utmost gratitude for all the pain you have taken, Bips. One has to pay a lot for such a glam look. Though, we enjoy the Rough and tough flair too, in your personality.


Oops! This exclaim is obvious.Yes, changes are clearly visible. Sorry! But, I must say one thing- ‘bubbly face does go well with large breasts.’


One actress, who has undergone so many surgeries; let’s count- slim nose, perfect looking, cupid bow lips and the skin tone (SKIN LIGHTENING TREATMENT TO LOOK FAIR). She could be the endorsement brand for cosmetic surgery.


Put your hands up for the only Badboli actress, Miss. Kangna Ranaut, who says my assets and bug eaten lips are the answers to the people who don’t eat ‘Ghar ka khana’.


Here comes the most beautiful lady of the world, Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It was going round in the news that she underwent lots of surgeries to get this gorgeous face. Spot the Changes- nose surgery, repaired teeth, silicone implants and cheek implants.


The goddess of beauty Katrina Kaif, has also gone under many painful surgeries to look the way she is right now. Lip collagen (Lip surgery or Lip job), Rhinoplasty (nose surgery or nose job), and the list of surgeries are endless.


 ‘Natural beauties…? Gone are the days!’

Now tell us readers, we are wrong or right while saying this?