Music, the Medium of Learning for Your Child

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Have you ever thought that the music can be an educative activity for your child? Yes, it can be. If you want your child to use up his time in productive yet entertaining activities, then arrange music activities or classes for him. It is the best bet. Music is an entertaining plus educative activity. Music can teach many different things to your child without getting him bored.

Here I share some of the best musical activities for your preschooler kid-

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1.  Sing Songs


First you sing a phrase or a few lines of a song and then ask your child to repeat the same. Each time, input new and different tunes to rhymes.  By this, child will register new tunes in his mind. Let him hum the phrases besides making him singing the words.  Singing makes children to develop a good control over the breathing.

2.  Music with Body Movements


Make your child move his shoulders, head, toes or knees move in coordination with the song or rhyme he sings. This will make your child learn how to change his body movement and coordinate with rhymes.

3.  Musical Band


Make the music band of children and handle them with a musical instrument such as bells, ticks, triangles, bells and shakers which small kids can easily play. Now make them take turn on each phrase of the song and play the instrument.

4.  Freeze Game


Encourage your child to play freeze game with other children. In this game, they have to move as music plays and “FREEZE” as the music stops. If a child is still in motion, he is out of game. This game builds concentration power in kids.

5.  Listen And Follow


It is a very fun-filled activity to make kids follow the rules using the music as a medium. Arrange all children in a row and then play the music. Next, make them follow whatever step or action you do as they listen to the rhyme/music. Suppose, making them jump twice to the music as you jumped.