Music Festivals Around the World: You Must Attend!

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There can be nothing more kickass than a music festival. The energy, the vigour, and thousands of heads, swaying to the beats of pure unadulterated melody, can be amongst one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. It’s almost like a pilgrimage to the fanatics of music that makes it a point to attend this fiesta. We bring to you a list of the biggest celebrations that take place annually.

Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, Nevada)  


If you are tired of societal customs, fundamentally expressive, and need a place where you can ‘party till you drop’; Burning Man is where you must go. By far, it is incredibly different and unique. This music festival is a social experiment.

Coachella (Indio, California)

Jack Johnson Cherry Picker

The trend setting music listings and art displays in California (the land of plenty of sunshine) have made Coachella the number- one music festival in North America. It has been a complete sell-out for the last three years. The festival has had the likes of Paul McCartney and Lenoard Cohen performing there.

Rock In Rio (Rio de Janerio, Brazil)


This is the biggest music fest in the Latin world. First originated in Brazil, in 1985. The gala expanded to include Spain (Madrid) and Portugal (Lisbon). In 2013, the festival will expand to Argentina (Buenos Aires) too. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Elton John have been a part of this mind boggling event.

Tomorrowland (Belgium)


Here is the champion of all Music festivals. Each year, due to a very high demand for its tickets, the event instantaneously sells out, making it the undisputed fest in the world.

Sunburn Festival (Goa)


Held by the end of every year, the Sunburn Goa is one of the most looked-for event in the calendar of the country’s youth. With DJ’s from across the country, playing for thousands of attendees, the Suburn is one must-taking experience for music enthusiasts.