Multi-Talented Priyanka Sings ‘Erase’ For The Chain-smokers!

After winning hearts all over the world with ‘in my city’, our very own PC has recorded her second track ‘Erase’, with the Chain smokers. The New York based band has producer Andrew Winter and DJ Alex Pall. The duo were impressed by Priyanka’s work and decided to feature her in their next album. Priyanka is trying her hands on an all new genre of EDM (electronic dance music) with ’erase’.

Priyanka thanks her ‘in my city’ team for being so cooperative, and expresses her excitement on the new track

“Music for me has been a very organic process. I have been fortunate enough to work with the best and the most passionate people in the business. I have my team to thank for ‘Erase’, even though I was hard at work on my debut music album, they allowed me the opportunity to break away and work with and feature on this single by The Chainsmokers, These guys are super talented and also completely crazy, which made the whole process so much fun.”

Says the 30 year old actor and pop star!

The Chain smokers reciprocated similar feelings and appreciated Priyanka’s talent

“Working with Priyanka was such an incredible opportunity. Priyanka has such a sensual voice that really opens up, which allowed us to create this big room vocal house sounds and still have a hard electro break.”

We totally love the pop star avatar of our sexy bollywood diva! Kudos!

Listen to Erase here