How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom: DIY

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The remodeling price of a bathroom depends on the size and current situation of the bathroom. The average cost of remodeling a bathroom is $3,500 and every bathroom remodel price range depends on the size of the bathroom. The cost to remodel bathrooms depends on different factors such as the current state of the space, the bathroom remodels plans and material costs. The DIY cost of some bathroom remodel projects is not so high as compared to other projects. The bathroom remodel includes many things such as repairing, replacements, and renovation. The biggest reason for home renovation yourself is saving money.

So, to get the estimate and other information read the article till the end.

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Gather Your Remodeling Tools and Supplies

It is essential to gather the specific tools and supplies for remodeling your bathroom. The tools depend on the design you think to make. The main tools are safety mask, Gloves, Hammer, Tape measure, Utility Knife, Power Drill, Extension Cord, Stud finder, and Adjustable wrench.

Cost to Remodel a Bathroom by Square Foot 

The bathroom cost depends on size, space, and material. If you hire higher constructors for getting a free estimate, they always first measure the size of the bathroom. So, first, it is essential to know about the exact measurements of your bathroom. Here we will show you some ideas about the DIY cost to remodel a bathroom.

Bathroom Size Remodel Cost
6×6 sq. ft. $3,500
10×6 sq. ft. $7,200
12×10 sq. ft. $14,000–$15,000

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost

If you want to remodel a small bathroom and want to get the estimate, then read this and get the forecast. The DIY cost of a small bathroom usually is $11,000 and $75 square per foot is the normal average. Smaller spaces mean less material and also fewer costs. The remodeling features depend on tile replacement, sink replacement, and also changed lights.

However, if you plan to add square footage and use more material than the expenses can be more already. You can also repair the water for a toilet clean, remove the vinyl floor or subfloor and even replace the old sink with a new sink, faucet, fixtures and backsplash. These are sometimes, and money DIY small bathroom remodels ideas.

Steps to remodel a bathroom

1- Framing 

The framing work involves building walls, boxing in shower cubicles, and installing insulation and vapor barriers. It is very essay work for DIYers and not too expensive. It usually costs $100, and you can do them according to your choice.

2- Remove or Demolish Bathroom Fixtures

If you remove or demolish bathroom fixtures, then follow this step to avoid any costly mistake. You first remove the toilet carefully and after that, remove the bathtub, but remember to cover up the bathtub and remove it with the help of studs. You should use reciprocating saws to cut out the panels and also remove additional insulation from the walls. After that, you should remove the cabinets, vanities, mirrors, floor tiles, and other things that you should want to replace.

3- Install Your New Shower or Tub Basin 

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In the above step, you should remove all things in the bathroom. Now, it’s time to install your new shower or tub basin in the bathroom. You should use a pan or basin instead of a shower or tub. It will give a new look to your bathroom and choose the perfect shape to determine the ideal layout. You should manage your shower or basin according to the space of your bathroom.

4- Install New Fixtures and Features

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If you want to replace your new vanity and cabinets, then read this one. The dimensions of the bathroom mostly are bigger or smaller; then you should renovate by adding new wiring. If you have not done this before, then hire the electrician for this step.

5- Lay Down Your New Floor Tiles

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The old tiles replacement with new ones is essential to renovate your DIY bathroom. It would be best if you used chalk to draw lines on the floor and walls to keep your tiles in a straightway.

6- Hang New Drywall and Start Painting

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In this step, your bathroom gets the shape of the bathroom. You should cut new drywall and start nailing up the boards. You should take dry mud for drywall and fill up the gaps first on the wall. To renovate the shower and tub wall used cement board for best results. After that, the walls of your bathroom become ready, then add some different colors in the walls of your bathroom.

7- Install Your New Vanity and Cabinets

In the above steps, you should complete the whole work of your bathroom. Now it’s time to install the vanity and cabinets in your bathroom. You should also fix the mirror cabinets and other things that you want to set around the shower tub.

8- Surface

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The surface is the main part of remodeling a bathroom. If you renovate them, it costs less than the work done by GC. The benefit that you get is to save the cost of laborers. The reality is that most DIYers usually used the contractor’s grade material to remodel the surface of the bathroom.

9- Add the Finishing Touches to Wrap Up Your DIY Bathroom Remodel

The last and final step is to install the trim around the room and the walls. You should deserve to draw a nice hot bath for yourself. After that, install your toilet earlier and fill the tiles with the help of cement again.


Most DIYers take a lot of time to complete their work because they are not professionals. The average person takes six months in their busy life routine to remodel the spare bathroom. Sometimes, because of not having any idea and experience, they spend extra money on material, which is not expensive enough. If you have one bathroom for remodel than the DIY option is best, otherwise, for more than one bathroom you can hire contractors.