Mom’s 10 Favourite one liners

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This is the common story of every mommy and kid. I do not have to give an elaborate intro for my post- “mom’s favourite sayings”. The phrase itself says a lot.

Read on…

There is nobody to help me here; I am the sole person who is working day and night out here.


Well, our mom may not be the single person doing the stuff all alone at home, but she craves the lion’s share. When everything is spick and span in the house, why does she need the fuss over it?  The Poor mommy! Give your mommies a break, and trust me, she will not shout again! Also, you will be in the good books of her.

Take off your dirty feet from the bed!


After a long tiring day at your work place, there is nothing better than hitting up the bed and relax. But, if your mom catches you with dirty feet, you will surely hear her favourite phrase “get off the bed”!

Can’t you see, I am busy cooking?


Especially when you have to seek her permission (approval for a date), it seems your mommy is busy cooking. But, mom feels like we need her, only when she is busy cooking in the kitchen. Isn’t this frustrating?

Clean up your room


Being messy is a part of every child. And, a messy room hardly bothers us, right! We think that if moms do not like messy rooms, they should not come here; thinking this is okay, but do not ever try saying her. You may lose the liberty of privacy!

Do not look at me like that


Maybe you just did not mean being angry, but staring at your mom with big eyes is a sign of “misbehaviour”. Avoid rolling your eyes at mom. Instead, roll them at somebody else, may be that would click.

Do not eat chocolates, I am making dinner


The dinner cooking period is the worst time for moms everywhere. They are stressed, and you are hungry. The combo just does not click! And, if you gulp down a chocolate bar in between, you will have a tough time. Rather, keep the bar for dessert and share it with your mom.

Finish up the vegetables


 Mom is doing her job to make sure the healthy plate of boiled vegetables; only thinking this, will not work out for you. Explain your mom; you have a stronger taste buds than her. Finishing up the veggies for a plate of dessert is simply not fair!

Look at your hair


A little oil, shampoo, and combing never killed anyone! Unfortunately, keeping hair well groomed is not every kid’s cup of tea. Kids do not appreciate cleanliness, but you want to rate high on your mom’s meter- “cleanliness is the first priority”.

I am complaining this to your dad


This one liner is an ultimate warning for every kid. Whenever a kid hears this, he/she realises the threat of being scolded. You understand the situation is critical, and it is high time you stat behaving politely. Right!

Will you keep down your phone for a minute?


This is the most common and annoying phrase of all our mommies. We get so lost in our cell phones that we hardly realize; there is somebody watching our actions. Before we realize, the roar erupts! The worst part is, when she has a look on screens, and she reads our texts. And finally, we get caught! No more texting tonight!

Poor kids or poor mom! We do not know, whom to blame! But we should realise, our moms love us from the core of their hearts; it is just they get tired after cooking, dusting, and cleaning. We must lend a helping hand to keep her smiling always.