15 Incredible Mohawk Cornrows for Women

Mohawk cornrows are one of the trendiest hairstyles in town. These hairstyles provide a unique look that suits almost every person. Explore these unique 15 cornrows that are perfect for almost every woman with a mohawk hairstyle.


Popular Cornrow Mohawk Hairstyles

We have shortlisted most popular Mohawk with cornrow braids here. Go through the styles to draw inspirations.

1. Mohawk Hairstyle with Side Cornrows

side cornrow mohawk hairstyle

An ideal hairstyle with side cornrows is with a mohawk on top. For every woman who has a chubby or round face shape, this is the perfect hairstyle. Go with reduced cornrows on the side that merge on top. One can add more elegance to Mohawk cornrow hairstyle by curling the hair on top.

Unusual Mohawk with Shaved Sides for Women


2. Mohawk with Braided Pigtails

cornrow mohawk pigtail

Another hairstyle for the cornrow braided Mohawk is with a pigtail. Go with cornrows on the side with a Mohawk on top and a slight tinge of green. The green can be used as a unique element that can add elegance to the hairstyle. The main highlight of the hairstyle is the long pigtails.


3. Mohawk with Purple Cornrows

purple cornrow mohawk

This hairstyle is all about a purple shade of cornrows that are styled in the form of a Mohawk. Trendy cornrows are converted in the form of a Mohawk on top with turn into a long hairstyle. The shade of purple gives the hairstyle a trendy and unique look which is ideal for every outing.


4. Braided Ponytail Mohawk

Braided Ponytail with Mohawk Cornrows

This hairstyle gives a trendy look to women who have long hair. The hairstyle is converted to a long braided hair which forms a Mohawk on top. The cornrows on the side provide a unique look to the haircut. An ideal hairstyle for women with round as well as sleek face shape.


5. Red Mohawk with Cornrows

Red Mohawk with Cornrows

If you are looking for a hairstyle that makes you feel young and trendy, this is the one for you. The hairstyle is with curly tracks hair which supports a Mohawk on top. Give the Mohawk cornrows a complete look with red color. The look is perfect for every outing and with every clothing.


6. Mohawk Cornrows with Short Hair

If you are looking for a serious look with goes with everything, this is the hairstyle for you. This cornrow Mohawk hairstyle is ideal for a round shaped face. Turn the cornrows on the side and shape them in the form of a mohawk on top.


7. Cornrows on The Side

An ideal haircut for fair skin toned women. Keep the hair straight and make a bun to complete this hairstyle. This look completes a casual as well as professional look with long hair on top.


8. Cornrows Turned into A Crown

cornrow braided Mohawk hairstyles

To support your confident personality, this is the perfect hairstyle. Go with long cornrows that are turned into a crown on the top. One can add accessories to the haircut to improve the look. The hairstyle provides a loyal and classy look which is ideal for women with long cornrows.


9. Honey Blonde Hair Highlights

This Mohawk with cornrow braids hairdo gives women a trendy and young look with blonde hair. Curl the hair on the top and in front. Keep the sides short and with dark roots to rock this look anywhere at any time!


10. Long Cornrow Braids

cornrow mohawk for long hair

A fashionable mohawk that can turn everyone’s head with long cornrows. If you are fond of long hair and cornrows at the same time, opt for this Mohawk cornrows style. Try it out with a slight tinge of brown at the end. A sophisticated yet fashionable look can go with every attire!


11. Ombre Mohawk

If you have long hair, this is the hairstyle is the one for you. An ideal hairstyle for women for fair skin tone and structured face shape. An additional element of fashion can be added with criss-cross cornrows. Make a ponytail out of your long hair to complete the look.


12. Bun on Top with Cornrows

Cornrows paired with a mohawk on top is one of the classiest looks of all time. But, add a greyish white tone to your hair and the look can never look better. Take your long hair and form a bun on top to get yourself a unique look that can easily grab everyone’s attention. However, not everyone can rock this hairstyle. Make sure you choose wisely.


13. Short Curly Mohawk Cornrows

This hairstyle is ideal for you if you are looking for a hairstyle that supports your sporty and confident look. Get a well-structured side cornrow hairstyle on the side with a mohawk on top. Finish off the by giving the cornrow braided Mohawk hairstyle short curls. A look for every casual as well as a professional outing.


14. Twisted Cornrows with Criss-Cross Pony

mohawk cornrows for women

If you are looking for a hairstyle that sets you apart from the crowd and one that is unique then, this should be your next haircut. The hairstyle provides you with a unique look with its criss-cross ponytail.

However, not everyone can rock this hairstyle. This is especially for women who have a confident personality and want to look different from everyone else.


15. Mohawk for Thick Hair

Mohawk Cornrows for Thick Hair

This jumbo lemonade braids hairstyle is ideal for women with round shaped face and shoulder-length hair. Take your side cornrows and convert them into a mohawk on top. This Mohawk with cornrow braids hairstyle is ideal for women with thick hair. The cut has been completed with a criss-cross pony which extends till the shoulder as per the length of the hair.


These hairstyles are trendy and for women who want to rock every attire and every outing. Pick the best Mohawk cornrows hairstyle that suits your personality and type. These hairstyles will provide you with the change and the new fashionable look that you have been looking for. Get yourself a new haircut with a blend of Mohawk and cornrows and grab everyone’s attention like never before.