11 of The Cutest Mixed Baby Girl Hairstyles [2019]

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Mixed baby hairstyles are only getting better and more innovative so we wanted to bring you some great inspirational looks you can try on your girl. Not all moms are used to dealing with curly hair, so some definitely need all the help they can get. Biracial baby girls are usually blessed with beautiful locks, which makes it a bit harder to style their hair.

The biggest problem is that these young ladies are not always ready to stay still in one place for a long time, waiting for their mom to finish the hair. That’s why you need fast, practical looks that will also be alluring for the young princess.


Adorable Hairstyles for Mixed Baby Girl

Our experts have shortlisted 11 most lovely hairstyles for mixed babies.

1. Dookie Braided Hairstyles

Braided Hairstyles for Mixed Baby Girl

Braids and accessories will be your best friend while the princess is growing up.

Ideal for: This is a mixed baby girls hairdo that works for both straight and curly types. It will be a protective one for frizzy locks.

How to Style: Separate the hair into sections, do the braids and include accessories.


2. Pigtails

curly pigtails for mixed baby girl

Pigtails are the ultimate favorite hairstyle of baby girls.

Ideal for: It is ideal for all ages, hair types, and lengths.

How to Style: You will need to divide the hair with a medium part and do two high ponytails. This can also become a half-up half-down curly hairdo. Since scrunchies are back you can add one on each pigtail.


3. Glitter and Knots

cute hairstyles for mixed baby girl

Kids are so fascinated with glitter. Whenever you have a special event or a party you can add some sparkle to the hairstyle of your little princess.

Ideal for: Best for occasions and parties where the baby girl will be all dressed up.

How to Style: Divide the hair into several sections in the front part. Start twisting each one until you get a knot. Add glitter either to the partings or wherever you like.


4. Mix It Up

mixed baby girl hairstyles

This is another one of the unique mixed baby hairstyles for girls you simply have to try.

Ideal for: It’s perfect for young ladies with straight hair, but it can be equally good on curls as well.

How to Style: Get some colorful elastic hair ties and start copying the same hairdo.


5. Dutch Braided Pigtails

mixed baby girl with dutch braids

Who doesn’t love braids? Braided pigtails is one of the most popular mixed baby girl hairstyles.

Ideal for: If you are searching for a quick fix that will take the hair out of your kids’ face, you should try braids.

How to Style: Separate the hair in 4 sections and start braiding.


6. Spring Vibes

Celebrate spring with curly buns and eye-catching accessories.

Ideal for: Ideal for curly hair types.

How to Style: These cute hairstyles for mixed baby girls are the best thing ever. Get vibrant clip and flowers to add to the puff buns.


7. Add Color

You can use colorful extensions to elevate the hairdo of the little lady.

Ideal for: Once the baby girl has enough hair for buns, start shopping for colorful kids extensions.

How to Style: You can get creative and include the extensions wherever you like in the buns, topknots, braids and more.


8. Short Curly Hair

Floral or bandana accessories are the cutest thing ever. So lovely brown highlights on black hair.

Ideal for: Great for very young baby girls who have just started growing their hair.

How to Style: Add a headband, clip or anything decorated with flowers.


9. Use Headbands

This is one of the prettiest mixed baby hairstyles that is done in only minutes.

Ideal for: It’s an everyday look that you can do with so many different headbands.

How to Style: All you need to do is tame the hair with a headband.


10. Sleek Bun

sleek bun for mixed baby girl

There is no better way to put the hair of your girl up than a sleep bun.

Ideal for: It’s a very easy hairstyle for mixed baby girls that is ideal for a variety of ages. You can start while the girl has very short hair. During that time you can opt for several buns because that will be easier.

How to Style: Grab a fine-tooth comb and start combing the hair up. This will work for both curly and straight types. Use a fun hair tie to finish off.


11. Colorful Rope Braids

cute mixed baby hairstyles

Kids will be as obsessed with rope braids just as many adults are.

Ideal for: Once the biracial baby girl has long hair you can try out these fun two-strand braids.

How to Style: You will need two strands, and you should start twisting them in opposite directions. Once you’re done with that, start twisting them around one another. Don’t forget to include colorful accessories.


Hairstyles for a mixed baby girl can look good and be easy at the same time. Some of these gorgeous young ladies have straight hair, but most have a curly mane. That should not stop you from experimenting even from an early age. All of the 11 looks we included are so simple that you’ll love creating a different hairstyle for your girl every single day.