Miss World 2013: Journey Begins with a Bang in Bali, Indonesia

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It is the legacy that has continued for 62 years, and now had entered the glorious 63rd year. In the span of 62 years it has chosen and honored the most charming ladies from all corners of the globe. Yes, it is none other than the prestigious- Miss World Pageant. From Brazil to Venezuela, USA to India, so many countries have been honored with this prestigious title.

Now, Miss World has entered in its 63rd year, and over the years, it has undergone so many transformations. There have been so many new formats that are introduced into Miss World. Miss World Organization has introduced fast track contests that promote the winner directly into the semi finals. The four fast track events are – Beach fashion, Miss World Sports challenge, Top Model, and Talent. There is another title for beauty with a purpose, where a candidate is chosen according to her contribution to various noble and charitable causes. The winner of  “Beauty with a Purpose” is declared on the final night of Miss World.

This year around 130 contestants will vie for the coveted crown of Miss World 2013, but only one of them will end up with the tiara and the sash of Miss World’13. Today, I am going to reveal the names of 15 strong candidates from the lot of Miss World 2013 contestants. I will be updating you with the latest tidbits of the pageant and happenings in Bali, Indonesia.

Here Are the Top 15 Picks for the Title in Reverse Order:

#15- Miss Norway


Age: 24

Height: 176 cm

Alexandra was born and brought up in Oslo. She started her modeling career at 14 and has been living in Germany and UK since then. She has studied archaeology and currently studying journalism.

My Score: 8.20/10

#14- Miss Costa Rica


Age: 23

Height: 170 cm

Yarley was born and raised in southern Costa Rica. She describes herself as a positive person, who loves to help people. Her hobbies include swimming, reading and cycling. She is currently studying physical therapy. Her mission in life is to establish the first rehabilitation clinic for children in Southern Costa Rica.

My Score: 8.23

#13- Miss Belgium


Age: 20

Height: 174 cm

Noemie was born and brought up in the town of Rocourt. She describes herself as a dynamic girl who lives life to the fullest.  One day, she aspires to become a successful television presenter. Later this year, she will pursue her degree in psychology.

My Score: 8.27

#12- Miss Sri Lanka


Age: 22

Height: 173 cm

Iresha grew up in a district of South Colombo. She describes herself as a very down to earth person. In her free time, she plays badminton, dances and watches movies to enjoy. She claims that she loves animals extremely and can do anything to fight for their rights.

My Score: 8.30

#11- Miss Albania


Age: 22

Height: 175

Ersela was born and raised in the capital of Albania- Tirana. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in law. She describes herself as friendly and outgoing, and her hobbies include swimming, dancing and motor sports.

My Score: 8.40

#10- Miss Northern Ireland


Age: 23

Height: 173 cm

Meagan was born and raised in Lisburn. Currently, she is pursuing business management. She describes herself as innovative and hard-working. She describes northern Irish food as the most comforting food in the world.

My Score: 8.50

#9- Miss Argentina

Teresa Kuster

Age: 24

Height: 174 cm

Maria Teresa is an art director and has studied advertising and art direction. One day she aspires to start her own fashion TV show.  She describes herself as passionate art lover, and a person, who enjoys small moments in life.

My Score: 8.55

#8- Miss Guatemala


Age: 25

Height: 163 cm

Lauren was born and brought up in Guatemala City, where she is working as an interior designer currently. She describes herself as a very disciplined and a hardworking person. Her hobbies include reading, dancing and listening to music, and she has command over 5 international languages.

My Score: 8.60

#7- Miss Venezuela


Age: 21

Height: 178

Karen is 21 year old and sees herself as a television presenter. She describes herself as a talented dancer who has mastery over salsa and meringue dancing. She enjoys cinema, sports and a variety of foods.

My Score: 8.66

#6- Miss Australia


Age: 24

Height: 177

The 24 years old girl describes herself as vibrant, hard-working and outgoing. Erin is a highly skilled classical singer, saxophonist and a clarinet player. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga and reading. She’s also an Asian food aficionado.

My Score: 8.87

#5- Miss Brazil


Age: 24

Height: 175

22 years old Sancler describes herself as a fighter. Currently, she is working as a television presenter on a regional channel. In her free time she enjoys socializing, meeting friends and travelling. Her motto is – “Beauty may open doors; beauty with a purpose opens minds and hearts.”

My Score: 9.20

#4- Miss Spain


Age: 18

Height: 180

Elena lives in San Sebastian, where she is currently pursuing her 2nd year of university studies. She describes herself as happy, reliable and hard-working. To chill herself, she listens to jazz music, and in her free time she likes to read fantasy novels. Her favorite dishes include all the dishes made of pasta.

My Score: 9.23

#3- Miss India (2nd runner-up)


Age: 20

Height: 170

Navneet was born in the state of Haryana, but she had traveled across the country being a daughter to an Army officer. She describes herself as a new Indian woman possessing traditional Indian values with contemporary thinking. She is currently a student of film and television production at a reputed college in India. Her hobbies include, horse riding and photography.

My Score: 9.34

#2- Miss Kosovo (1st runner-up)


Age: 19

Height: 176

Antigona was raised in Southern Germany, before she went back to the Kosovo. She is currently studying business administration at a University in Kosovo. In her spare times, she listens to rock and romantic music, and her hobbies include, swimming and painting. Her favorite cuisine is Albanian food.

My Score: 9.50

#1- Miss France (Miss World 2013)


Age: 20

Height: 176

20 year old Marine describes herself as hardworking. She is currently a medical student and aspires to travel the world to help the people before she ends up as a medical practitioner. She has practiced athletics and gymnastics, and her favorite food includes- Italian cuisine.

My Score: 9.58

These rankings have been done very speculatively by me, assessing contestants from different angles. Stay tuned to know more tidbits and happening from Indonesia and also the updated rankings as the competition inches towards the end.