Microsoft Sues MikeRoweSoft!

A Canadian high school student Mike Rowe thought, it would be pretty cool to design a website named, and Microsoft decided to give a reality check to the poor boy.  The boy was a part-time web designer and named his site, for which Microsoft claimed the copyright infringement as the words phonetically sound the same as Microsoft. So he was asked to give up the domain and was offered $10 that is the cost of registering a domain.


Rowe countered and asked for $10000, to give up the domain as he was mad at the previous offer made by Microsoft. Microsoft people were amazed (unhappily though) by the audacious highschooler and alleged him of cyber squatting.

And, the daring highschooler got a bit more daring to gather all the media attention which resulted in a PR loss for Microsoft. But, Microsoft does have some smart and brainy people, who flew Rowe to Microsoft and offered him Microsoft training, and Xbox that is the best deal for a high school student.


Legal people tell us that Rowe had a very strong case against Microsoft had he taken it to court! But Rowe thought otherwise I guess… And it seems smart enough to trade some compensation against the Microsoft training and Xbox! Ain’t it?