Mickey Contractor: The Man Behind the Flawless Bollywood Beauties


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You have been admiring the flawless and glowing faces of Bollywood actresses. But, have you ever wondered that who is the man behind those dewy and flawless skin tones? He is none other than the guru of makeup- Mickey Contractor. Since last 33 years, Mickey has been transforming the imperfections into perfections with his flair, skills and MAC makeup.


Mickey is the man, who has witnessed the transformation in makeup from the cakey 80s to glam-up 2000s. Mickey started his journey into Bollywood as a hairstylist, but during 80s, actresses used to have only feminine hair styles, so he tried his foray into makeup as he wanted to be a part of the industry, having inspired by each move of the industry. Today, there is no one, who stands even an inch close to his perfection and skills. After doing a couple of flicks, Mickey decided to switch to the advertising industry as a makeup artist because there was no respect for makeup persons in the industry and were treated like trodden. He didn’t serve any of the film for straight 10 years and proved himself as an unbeatable and the unique makeup artist in the TV commercials. He changed the whole picture of makeup and makeup artists in India.


Later, Mickey Contractor was offered a lot of films as a makeup artist and yes, he went back to his favorite industry, but on his own terms, creating a new niche and status for makeup and makeup artists. From Rani Mukherjee’s smoky eyes in Chalte Chalte to a clean fresh appearance of Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Na Ho to the glamorous look of Alia Bhatt in Student of the Year, Mickey’s makeup has proved to be a milestone.

Strongest Trend


According to Mickey, India is a country where women take all your attention through their eyes. Here, you will find girls with no makeup, but with a lot of kohl (kajal) in their eyes for a dramatic look. Women, in India, catch the attention through their eyes. So, kohl is the most purchased makeup product as almost every fashionista would love to have it in her vanity case.

Same goes for Bollywood. According to him, gone are the days when actresses used to wear those cakey powders. Now-a-days, nude is the trend and actress wear foundations that exactly match their skin tones.

Makeup Tips


Here are some makeup tips from Mickey Contractor.

  • Mickey says that one must wear makeup keeping in mind their skin tone. You should never opt for lighter tones in foundations as they may make you look cakey and artificial. He prefers MAC products as MAC products come with moisture content, and they do not damage your skin in any ways. Besides, MAC comes in lots of skin shade foundations, so you can get the one that you want precisely.
  • Moisturizing is the primary thing that should be done without applying any makeup as it boosts up your skin tone and energizes it naturally. It also helps in smoothing the skin texture.
  • He recommends that to put on nude makeup and apply bold and bright lip shades for a glam look.
  • His favorite MAC cosmetics that every girl must have are- MAC Fluidline, Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, and Viva Glam Lip Gloss.
  • His favorite quote is the one, coined by him- ‘Less is More’. He feels that every girl should apply this while putting on makeup.