Menstruation: Early Onset – Cause for Celebration or…?

The first menstrual period of a little girl is called menarche, and in some cultures, it calls for a grand celebration. It is a special time in a girl’s life. But, in some cultures, instead of celebration, the girl is presented the box of sanitary napkins, along with the list of strict guidelines of using and disposing them. However, some girls start with their periods at an early age of 10, sometimes before 10. In this circumstance, biologically, it is not a call for celebration.

Menstruation comes at dissimilar time. There are some girls, whose menarche comes early. This happens because of changes in culture, diet, height, weight, and the level of maturity. Normally, the first menstrual comes when the girl is 12-14 years old. If menarche is before 10 years of age, than it’s considered as, it came too early. If it comes after 14, then it’s too late. If menses are delayed beyond 14-16 years of age, medical treatment is required. The beginning of menstruation at an early age, especially before 10, causes problems in adulthood.


When Things Kick Too Early

The puberty comes at least two years before the menarche, which is the age of 7-8 years. The sign of early puberty in a girl, especially before 7 years of age, is called, ‘Precocious Puberty’. Puberty includes growth of hair in the underarms and pubic region. It includes- breast development, moodiness, acne, rapid growth, and irritability.

Premature beginning of menstruation follows the precocious puberty, and with this, the hypothalamus gland starts to stimulate the pituitary gland. It produces hormones. This activates the ovaries, to create estrogens. The early trigger in the hormones causes tumour, thyroid, and problems in the ovaries. Girl, who begins with the periods early, should be properly examined by a gynecologist. She should get all the tests done, which are necessary to confirm and determine the actual reasons of- early onset and the presence of extra hormones.

Causes for Premature Onset

The main causes for early onset of menarche are:

  • Genetics
  • History of maltreatment
  • Obesity: Obese girls tend to get matured early
  • Sexual maturity
  • Too much of westernization
  • Endocrine disorders

Negative Effects on Health

Some of the negative effects of early menarche are:

  • Early indulgence in sexual activities
  • Risk of breast cancer
  • Depression
  • Negative thoughts
  • Insecurity about her body
  • Habit of taking drugs
  • Addiction to smoke and alcohols

What can parents do?

The universal and natural things are not in control of anybody. Parents can look after the eating habits of their girl child. She should be kept, out of mature talks. She shouldn’t be allowed to come in expose with sexual acts, which can trigger negative effects on hormones.