Medium Layered Bob: 21 Flattering Looks to Try

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When you think about styling your medium length layered bob, you start to wonder how. How could you possibly style such short hair? How many possible ways can there be? Below you will find different hairstyles and haircuts. Each of these hairstyles is listed to inspire you; to inspire you to style your lob as often as you can. This is so that you can feel confident and dressed up when you want and need to.


Latest Medium Bob Hairstyles with Layers

These are the chicest medium layered bob haircuts for modern women.

1. Bob with Blue Highlights

Medium Layered Bob with Blue Highlights

The best thing about messy hair is that it isn’t looked at as something bleak anymore. Messy hair is its own style which actually looks great. This Asian highlight hairstyle with a fringe is great for a lazy day at college or when you just need to run errands.


2. Textured Layered Bob

textured medium layered bob

Adding texture to your hair makes a big difference. It can add oomph to any regular hairstyle. You could achieve this medium layered bob hairstyle by curling every layer in your hair. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls. Finally, ruffle your hair up to make it look a little messy.


3. Loose Waves

medium length layered bob for women

Loose curls can add a significant amount of volume to medium length layered bob. So, if you are someone who has straight hair, this hairstyle is a good idea. All you have to do is loosely curl the ends of the layers and crunch it up. You could also do this if your hair isn’t freshly washed. It is an easy hairstyle that can be worn daily.


4. Sharp Edges

medium layered bob for red hair

This mid-length bob haircut with layers isn’t commonly seen which is what makes it appealing. The uneven pointed edge is what really sets this hairstyle apart. To style it all you have to do is straighten your hair. If your hair seems to flat tease it at the crown area to create some volume.


5. Uneven Layers

black women with medium layered bob

This tracks hairstyle is a great way of sporting uneven layers in an unusual way. Here, the front layers are short and the ones at the back are extremely long. This hairstyle is a great way to have something that is out of the box. You can style it by straightening your hair.


6. Pink Highlights

Getting highlights whilst your hair is cut in bob is a good way to really show them off. All you need to do to achieve this is blow dry your hair backward. You could wear this hairstyle anywhere.

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7. Middle Part

Middle parting is a viable option for someone who has a medium length layered bob. Dividing the hair equally on both sides really gives the face a good shape. To turn it up a notch, you can curl your hair from below the crown. You can add a hairband if you want to add a little more bedazzle to it.


8. Tousled Bob

Curling your hair with different wand sizes makes a stark difference. Using thinner wands to curl your hair closer to your crown can make a difference.

Instead of bringing the curl all the way down, you can leave the ends natural. This way the ends seem to have less volume than the middle portion of your hair. It is a great hairstyle to wear when you are out and about.


9. Sweep It Towards on Side

The side fringe is a great alternative if you are either growing out your bangs or don’t want bangs. Pair the side fringe with a classic bob cut. This stacked bob hairstyle is low maintenance and takes little to no effort to execute. All you need to do is straighten your hair if you feel the need to do so.


10. Unicorn Waves

medium layered bob with colorful highlights

Unicorn pastel purple hair color has recently gained a lot of attention. A great way to style unicorn hair is by curling the ends of your medium layered bob.


11. Blonde Beauty

This bob cut is also more of a variation for a boy cut. If you are someone who does not have the time to take care of your hair, this is great. You don’t need or require any styling or maintenance. Just the usual wash and blow dry and you can be on your way.


12. Red Hair with Bangs

Pointcut ends is a great way to thin the ends of your hair. By doing this, your hair will seem slicker towards the bottom. Straighten your hair and fringe to achieve this edgy yet chic look.


13. Layered Hair with Bangs

Here, you can notice the multiple layers towards the front of medium layered bob cut to style and shape your face. Since your hair is already cut fabulously, all you have to do is straighten it to style it.


14. Medium Layered Bob with Bangs

The umbrella fall was one of the most worn mid-length bob hairstyle with layers and it still lives on. The only styling this haircut needs is a hydrating serum and for your hair to be straightened.


15. Messy Tight Curls

medium layered bob with blonde hair

Tight curls can look as amazing as beachy waves and loose curls. If you want to mess your tight curls a little, ruffle it up instead of running your fingers through them. This hairstyle can be worn to a formal and/or informal event.


16. Grunge Lob

This layered medium length bob is one of the most liked bob cut hairstyles. All you need to do is blow dry your hair with a flat comb. Then, ruffle it up to make it look messy.


17. A-Line Bob

Use a 2-inch wide wand and curl all your hair in the same direction. Scrunch your hair up to make it look a little untidy. You could wear this hairstyle casually as well as for a special occasion.


18. Layered Platinum Bob

A great way to make a bob look full of volume is curling in opposite directions alternately. Opts for loose curls while doing so. This wavy layered bob hairstyle could be worn for any event. It is both chic and casual.


19. Bob with Ringlets

If you have naturally curly hair, styling your hair this way is a great one to embrace your hair. On the other hand, you could also create these curls. All you need to do is use is a thin wand and curl every layer and strand. This might be time-consuming but the end result is extremely worth it. You also wear this hair wherever you wanted to.


20. Layered Inverted Bob with Bangs

medium length layered bob with ginger red hair

If you need to style your hair on the go, this red hairstyle could be an option. All you need to do is curve the ends of your hair with a straightener to achieve this look.


21. Lavender Bob

medium lavender layered bob

To achieve curls like this, you need to use a straightener to curl your hair. You could look up YouTube tutorials on how you could do so. This medium layered bob has been recently worn a lot. It is never a bad idea to join the bandwagon. You could wear this to an event like prom or winter formal as well.


All of the hairstyles above are simple yet chic and quirky hairstyles. It is a good idea to even style and put effort into your short hair. This will help you look more presentable and appealing. It will also make you feel more confident and put together.