Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick: The Prettiest Fuchsia in the Town!

Product review- Maybelline super stay 14hr. lipstick

Shade: #160 Infinitely Fuchsia

Firstly, I am in love with the pop lips trend. Be it a bright orange or an intense fuchsia, the trend is just gorgeous! So, here’s a little tip to all you girls- do not try to tone down your lipstick. I know the colors are bold, but just try this bold lips trend once, and then there’s no looking back, I promise!

Today, am gonna review ‘Maybelline Super Stay lipstick’ in infinitely fuchsia, for you.




It’s cute and handy. Not chunky, so it will easily fit in a small evening clutch too. The best part is, every lipstick has a case that matches its color, so you don’t have to open it and see the color before using.



The color is intense; it’s just the perfect fuchsia for the Indian skin tone. You know there are some fuchsias and pinks, which turn more into a purple shade when applied on lips; so with this one, you can be assured of the color.
P.S. it smells of cherries! The fragrance is so irresistible; I literally had to force myself not to bite into it! (Imagine, how it’d be with your boyfriend, now!*wink*)



Tip: Stretch your lips in a grin and then fill in the lipstick.  You will avoid the annoying bumps that form most of the times with most of the lipsticks.



They talk about a 14 hour stay, but I wouldn’t agree to that. It definitely sticks to your lips longer than most lipsticks would, but not 14 hours! To be frank, it’d crack after a few hours (or a few drinks), but you can always excuse yourself to the ladies room for a re-application!

You may follow with a transparent gloss, if you like. I do that most of the times. It intensifies the color and secures the lipstick for a longer stay!


VFM: It’s available for Rs. 525 which seems appropriate considering the color and the quality of this lipstick.