Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara Review

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Today, we are going to do a review for you! A review of a product that has been on the cosmetic shelves for long, and which is a must have makeup accessory! It’s the Mascara! While there are many brands selling their own mascara’s, we vouch for the one by Maybelline. It’s pretty good and budget friendly!

Let’s See What the Product Promises


  • Colossal Volume in just one coat
  • No clumps

Price- Rs. 330

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Net Volume- 10.7 ml

Packaging- The mascara comes in a tube packaging in a catchy yellow color. The tube is fat (and attractive) and the yellow makes it easy for you to spot the product in your pouch full of cosmetics. It has 2 versions: the washable one (which has purple lettering) and the waterproof one (with the turquoise lettering). The wand is thick and dense, which is typical of volumizing mascaras. The soft bristles are arranged neatly along the stick of the wand.

I’ve tried various mascaras, from MAC to Lancome, but this one’s so good and light on pocket that you wouldn’t want to move on with anything else anyway. And since almost all the mascaras dry up after 4-6 months of usage (depending on the weather), it’s better to go in for something so reasonable and so effective.

Tips on How to Use it


Beginning from the root, sweep the brush in an upward motion towards the tip. This will help you thicken the individual lashes, making you achieve a brilliant volume. You can continue to build your lashes until your desired look is reached. Make sure your lashes do not run dry in between the coats, or else the result turns out to be quite clumpy.

Repeat the same produce for your lower lashes.

Our Review

The mascara does not clump, which enables you to get rid of those annoying black deposits in between and at the tip of your eye lashes. It provides great volume to your lashes, which makes them look long and pretty in an endearing way. Often, one stroke is enough (and if you still wish to go in for a second coat, make sure you do that before the first coat dries up). It does not cause flaking. The washable one is great for regular outdoor outings, dressing up for work, etc, while the waterproof variant is most suited for the rainy season or during wedding, where you know you’ll be shedding a few tears. Also, it does not weigh down your lashes or makes them stiff.

The wand is just the right length and the fat handle makes application easier. And of course, the whole packaging is like an icing on the cake.

The Downside

Since the wand is pretty thick, application of mascara on the inner and lower lashes can be quite distressing. Also, if you are going to buy the waterproof version, make sure you soak in a few cotton pads in your eye makeup remover, and let it sit on your eyes for some time. It becomes really stubborn when you’re trying to take it off. You can even use the olive oil for its removal (the waterproof one really does not come out with water).

The Verdict


The Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara is a very good product by Maybelline, and does not disappoint (just like most of the Maybelline products). It stays well on your eyes and is not high on price. We recommend you to try it if you haven’t done so yet. The effect stays for a good number of hours and the intense color it brings about in your eyes, makes them appear more appealing.

This mascara gets a nod from us!

Fun fact:

During the 1900’s, T.L. Williams, a chemist, created the mascara for Mabel, his sister. He did so by mixing Vaseline petroleum jelly and coal dust. Later, he formed the company, Maybelline, which is a leading cosmetic giant today. Mabel+Vaseline is how the word “Maybelline” was formed.