Master Numbers in Your Numerology Chart

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In numerology, there are three master numbers- 11, 22, and 33. Generally, birth name or birth date reduces to a single digit. For example- 23 is reduced to 5 (2+3) and 15 is reduced to 6 (1+5). But, if it reduces to 11, 22, or 33, then you are a lucky guy! You are gifted with leadership qualities and high level of inspiration.

Features of Master Number 11

  • It’s also known as psychic’s number.
  • In Numerology, number 11 depicts sensitivity, shyness, nervous energy, illumination, and impracticality.
  • It’s a dichotomous number, means it’s a vibrant catalyst as well as extremely clashed.
  • It also represents the features of 2 (because 1+1=2), i.e., inspiring, deep thinker, idealistic, visionary, charismatic, and vigor.
  • It can create phobias and fears, when it’s not goal-oriented.
  • It’s stability, personal power and growth is based on spiritual truths and intuitive understanding.
  • Number 11 saunter between self- destruction and greatness.
  • If your numerology chart possesses master number 11, let your instincts to push you towards stability and growth.

Celebrities Possessing Master Number 11


Prince William (21/6/1982)                       Michelle Obama (17/1/1964)

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Bill Clinton (19/8/1946)                               David Beckham (2/5/1975)

Features of Master Number 22

  • It’s also known as the Master Builder and is the most victorious number.
  • It has the ability to realize the dreams.
  • It is characterized with self-confidence, leadership, idealism, and potential for success.
  • This number is disciplined and ambitious.
  • Like number 11, it also takes too much pressure.
  • It combines the characteristics of 4 (because 2+2=4), like, scientific approach and practical approach.
  • People possessing master number 11 may sometimes becomes overbearing, insensitive, and dictatorial.

Celebrities Possessing Master Number 22


Bryan Adams (5/11/1959)              14th Dalai Lama (6th July, 1935)

Features of Master Number 33

  • It’s rare and extra-demanding.
  • This number matters only when it is found among the core numbers: Pinnacle cycle, Essence cycle, personality, maturity number, Heart’s desire, expression, or the life path. Otherwise, it is reduced to 6.
  • It’s the most dominant number and is known as the Master Teacher.
  • It combines 11 and 22 and takes their capabilities to another height.
  • Spiritual upliftment of mankind is the prime focus of number 33.

Celebrities Possessing Master Number 33


Salma Hayek (2/9/1966)                      Meryl Streep (22/6/1949)

In nutshell, master number 11 depicts the vision; the number 22 symbolizes action along with vision and the number 33 provides direction to the world.