Management Education in India

Every MBA aspirant wants to get employed in a Multinational company, to earn a handsome salary. The Management Education System in India is more or less divided into 4 groups. The top group consists of highly reputed University Departments and Business Institutes, which have maintained high standards in education. The second group consists of those institutions, which were established by Industrial Houses. The third category consists of those universities which could not impart high quality education but can offer employment in the industrial groups. The fourth category consists of institutes started by politicians and retired people; these act as money making rackets.


Which Management Institute is the best?

The competition to get enrolled in the best MBACollege is enormous. An applicant shouldn’t apply in many colleges since each application form costs Rs. 1000 that altogether costs quite a lot. Select a college according to your capability, and confidence. One should not get carried away by the designed printed prospects while getting enrolled in a management institute. Therefore, it is very important for an applicant to figure out how the industry rates the institute.

Unfortunately, the management education, in India, lacks students’ awareness in seeking information. There is no rating criteria agency as each business school boasts its institute. The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has given accreditation to many  institutes, which has created problems for candidates who have no choice except going to the AICTE approved colleges. Some of the AICTE approved colleges charge very high fee, despite the flaws in management system.

Skills Required For Management Education

A candidate should have a thorough knowledge of everything. Unfortunately, certain business schools, in India, do not emphasis on overall personality development. They pay more attention to bookish knowledge and notes. Therefore, it is important to get enrolled in a good business school that emphasises on group discussions and case studies.

What is good Management Education?

A good management school keeps their students updated in all the management subjects. Tests are conducted from time to time, to keep the students well revised. Case studies are taken- up, which teaches real life conditions. A candidate should build a competitive spirit to serve the market. The business school should provide training sessions for making presentations and taking- up case studies.

Opportunities in Management

In India, the increasing industries has opened- up wide career prospects for candidates perusing Management studies. The new economic policies have increased demand for managerial personnel in the industry. The private sector gives a high remuneration package. Management professionals are in high demand at the overseas. The candidates are offered high perks including accommodation, convenience allowance, CPF, travel allowance, medical, etc.

Career in management education

Finance, Marketing, Production, and Human Resources are the basic four areas in management education. There are sub-branches in each area. An MBA degree has vast career opportunities in fields like marketing, project management, methodology, costing, human resource development, consumer’s behaviour, and investments. Aspirants who hold a commerce degree, should opt for Financial Management, and candidates with Science background should opt for Production Management. Rest of the aspirants should go for Personnel Management or Marketing Management.