Man Wrestles a 7 Foot Shark to the Shore with Bare Hands!

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Have you ever heard of this shark wrestling man? No, we are not talking about some fictional character. Elliot Sudal has this amusing hobby of wrestling sharks with bare hands. See for yourself!


On 14th July, Elliot went to the beach for some sun and action. He spent 45 minutes in the Nantucket surf, wrestling with the 7 foot long shark and finally got it to the shore. His fellows recorded the whole action and posted it online, which went viral for obvious reasons.

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Here’s the video where you can see how Sudal brings the ‘7 foot long’ to the shore!

“I pull them on shore, I photograph them, and then I let them go, I’m pretty conservation minded, I’m not trying to eat them or hurt them,” says Sudal. He has caught over 100 sharks in past eight months but he always lets them go. Elliot, 24 years old lives in Massachusetts’ Nantucket Island. Before this, he used to live in Florida and was an avid fisherman there.

“It’s my favorite thing to do; I’ve been fishing my whole life. It’s almost like a drug, it seems like I can’t go more than a few days without fishing. The bigger the fish the better. It’s a big epic battle—after catching a big shark you can’t really go back to catching five-pound fish.” Sudal reports to National Geographic.

It was a Sunday when he went out for fishing, and he noticed a dead blue fish floating near the shoreline, with shark bites on it; so he used the half fish as bait and soon took a 7 foot long sandbar shark on his hook. He admits it was an amazing experience to pull the shark. He says that then, he noticed that he must go and grab the creature now, as the shark was freaking out and he’d have lost the control otherwise.

And so, he plunged into the sea and grabbed the deadly creature. When asked if he ever gets scared of being bit rather eaten by the sharks, he replies honestly that he is horrified- “They can cut a fish in half no problem, so think what they could do to a leg,” he said. “But knock on wood; I haven’t had any problems yet.”