Makeup Tricks To Suit Your Eye-Shape!

Let’s move ahead of the cliche eye makeup techniques and find the one most suited to your eye shape. Sounds professional? So, it is and that too without much toil. Just figure out your eye shape and I have the best makeup tricks for you!

Almond Eye

It is the most common eye shape. Shaped like almond nuts and slightly upturned at the outer corners.

Make up trick: Use dark color shadows to add depth and contour the eye crease. You are lucky to have the right shape and right curves already so all you need is to accentuate the curves. Winged eyeliner would look great on this eye shape.

Celebrities: Angelina Jolie

Deep Set Eyes

The brow bone is dominant and the eyes look pushed back and set into the brow bone.

Make up trick: Use light and neutral shadow at the brow bone and inner corner to bring out the eyes. You can use a darker shade on the upper lash. Make sure you conceal any dark circles coz dark circles are quite prominent in this eye shape.

Celebrities: Megan Fox

Close Set Eyes

The eyes are quite close and there is smaller than an eye’s width between both the eyes.

Makeup trick: Do not line the whole of your eye with black or you may end up looking like a racoon. Start applying the shadow from the middle of your lash rather than the inner corner. Use smoky eye shadows to extend the outer corners of your eyes. Brush a white or ivory shadow (shimmer) on the inner tip of the eye.

Celebrities: Jennifer Aniston

Wide Set Eyes

There is more than usual space between the eyes. At least the width of an eye.

Makeup trick: Use darker shadows on the inner side of the eyes and continue with light shimmery ones on the outer part. Shape your eyebrows carefully to frame the eyes in a beautiful way. Apply eyeliner from the inner to the outer edge on top and bottom both. Sweep a shimmery powder shadow on the outside towards ten temples.

Celebrities: Jessica Alba

Protruding Eyes

The eyes are the dominant feature of your face. Big and a bit bulging out.

Makeup trick: There is a lot of lid space for you to experiment with. To prevent your eyes from looking bulging, use darker shades on the lid and use grey or blue shadows. A smoky eye looks great on this eye shape. Use 2 coats of mascara on the upper lash but a single coat only on the lower lash.

Celebrities: Anne Hathaway

Mono lid/ Hooded Eyes

The upper lid is heavy and hoods the eye. While the eye is open, the crease is not visible.

Makeup trick: Do not use much darker shades as it’d make the upper lash appear heavier. Use a thin precision brush to apply eye liner and sweep a thin layer of eye shadow on the lower lash as well. Apply the bright shade on the lid and darker on the crease so that the eyes appear lifted.

Celebrities: Blake Lively

Small and Thin Eyes

Eyes are small, even if the shape is pretty. Eyes are not the dominant feature for these people.

Makeup trick: Instead of liner, use a light color shadow on the under lid. Draw a thin line of white/ ivory/ lavender/silver/ gold or light blue on your lower lid just below your lower lashes. This would drag attention towards your eyes in a soft feminine way. Use white eyeliner on the inner rims of eye.

Celebrities: Taylor Swift

Down turned Eyes

The outer corners of the eyes are downward slanting.

Makeup trick: Apply mascara by creating a side ward V on the outer edge of your eye. Brush it upwards to give the illusion of lifted eyes. Use bright white or silver eye pencil on the bottom rims. Do not outline the whole of your eye. Use fake eyelashes and 3 coats of mascara. We suggest you to stick to the light floral colors instead of dark.

Celebrities: Katrina Kaif.