Makeup Tips for the Women Between 20s to 50 Plus

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Skin changes as it gets older. With growing age, right make up shade and its application become significant elements, to maintain the fresh appearance. Here, we offer a makeup guide for the woman of every decade.

1.   Women in 20s

This age is to focus on the best features, i.e., ‘skin’.

  • Use a good ‘cleanser’ to keep skin pores opened.
  • Apply ‘under eye cream’ to keep your sensitive under eyes skin youthful and healthy.
  • Apply ‘foundation’ and tinted ‘moisturizer’ to mask the blemishes, and balance the skin tone.
  • Use self tanners or bronzing creams, to get the glow throughout the year. If bronzer is the pick, then apply just a little of it. Lightly put cream based bronzing cream on cheeks, forehead, chi, and the bridge of nose, where the Sun rays hit more. Apply the moisturizer first, and then Bronzer to avoid the dry look. If not Bronzer, then put self-tanner of the lightest colour on moisturized skin.
  • Use ‘false eyelashes’ for a more glamorous and beautiful look. Avoid overdoing. A band of 7-10 individual lashes is enough. Apply mascara first, to form a base. Or, you can also try home remedies to get beautiful thick eyelashes.
  • Apply the lipstick of natural shade (matching your lip colour), in order to keep focus on your lovely eyes and radiating skin.






2.   Women in 30s

Besides the usual skin routine used in 20s, catch up with the extra makeup tips to fight against your ageing. 

  • Use a ‘concealer’ to conceal your dark circles, when you wake up from sleepless night or where the need is. Mix the concealer with foundation, for easy application of it.
  • Apply ‘blush’ that matches to your skin colour. It will make your face look fresh and glowing, instantly.
  • Don’t apply a loud lip colour. Pick a neutral lip colour that will compliment to your personality, without being garish.
  • Wear moisturizer (SPF 15 or 30) and an eye cream, everyday.





3.   Women in 40s

At this age, skin care is of utmost importance.

  • Apply gentle face cleanser
  • A mask once a week
  • Good Moisturiser
  • Hydrating Eye cream
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher).
  • Next, use a foundation that is sheer, else you can choose tinted that is moisturizing. Stay away from matte or oil free foundation as it makes the skin look dry, and highlights wrinkles.
  • Wearing ‘Blush’ becomes very essential in 40’s as skin begins to lose its natural shine and gets dullness. Blush add colour to the skin. Choose a blush matching to your skin tone, with a slight brightness and radiance. Peachy bronze, peach, soft pink and apricot are good colours to go with. Cream blush is a better option than a powder blush as cream blushes provide radiating glow to the skin.
  • Coming to the eye makeup, start wearing ‘eye shadow base’ if you’ve never wore it. You will be surprised to know that eye shadow base is an amazing eye cosmetic, which takes years of your eyes as it gives brightness and lift to the eyes. There’s no need to apply eye shadow. Wear the base and go. If using ‘eye shadow’, then pick the one of soft bright colours. Apply eyeliner to highlight the eyes more. Choose a very dark purple, dark chocolate or dark navy liner. Finish by wearing mascara.
  • Pick the lipstick shade that is closer to your lip colour or go with a little darker, followed by a ‘lip pencil’. Lining lip is important to give a fuller look to lips.





4.   Women in 50s and Above

At this stage, the skin loses its natural moisturizer because of hormonal changes that take place on menopause. Therefore, moisturize the skin regularly. Use extra-rich formula to cover the fine lines, and make the skin look free of wrinkles.

  • Avoid heavy foundations. The light one will be a safe bet.
  • Highlight your eyes with an eye liner and mascara, and lips with a matching lip pencil.
  • For a well-groomed look, get an elegant and smart haircut.
  • Apply a rich moisturizer every day, irrespective of whether you wear makeup or not.
  • Line the eyebrows with shadow and an eyebrow brush. Apply lightly to get a natural look.





Always remember two rules of makeup, irrespective of your age-

Rule #1

The best skin is chief. Cleanse the face every night and offer a good care to the skin, by giving an appropriate treatment to it. Protect the face with UV rays. Apply SPF 15 daily.

Rule #2

Less is more! If eyes are highlighted, then keep the rest of the makeup light and vice versa.