Make Your Pakodas Absorb Less Oil

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Pakodas……who doesn’t love it? A much -loved snack of everyone becomes ‘Not So Favorite’ because of its high oil content. Here, I share tips with all my dear readers that will solve their high calories problem. Follow these simple tips to make your pakodas absorb less oil without compromising on its taste.


Salt in Oil

To prevent pakodas from absorbing too oil, add a pinch of ‘salt’ in the oil while frying it in the pan. This way they soak less oil.

Add Rice Flour

You may mix a tablespoon of rice flour to the pakodas batter. This makes them not only less oily but crispy too.

Fry Slightly, Then Bake

Fry the pakodas in the heated oil for not more than 10 seconds. After a brief fry of pakodas, take them out of the pan and place on the baking tray. Now, bake them in a preheated oven (medium hot). Flip the sides of pakodas regularly for about 25 min until they get cooked well and become crispy.

Use Non- Stick Pan and Tissue Paper

Fry the pakodas in a non-sticky pan. Drain fried pakodas immediately using a holed spatula. Place them on a tissue paper to allow maximum possible oil of pakodas get soaked by the tissue paper.