Make your Kid’s Birthday Memorable

Birthday Party! OMG… now arrangements of food…, cakes…., decorations….., theme…., guests list….., presents…… and much more… I am sure, all these thoughts starts bouncing in your mind. Yes, we understand nowadays, despite your nice intention for birthday preparation, the parties have become more of a dilemma than a fun thing. Isn’t it? Poor parents undergo from the immense stress of planning, cost, management expectations, social dynamics and more. Gosh it’s really exhausting with all implications.

Most likely, we might have elapsed that birthdays are intended to have enjoyment and be in high spirits, make merry and make the day whimsical for your child. However, from a long time back it’s been observed that the reality has twisted the other way. You might too have switched on to follow the rule of reciprocity as your kid was invited to other parties; therefore you also need to request them.

The other essential aspect bothers you, is ‘expectations’, like if everybody is doing it, how come you’re  not? Right! To brag, again has become coercion or our lifestyle, as if it is so necessary to throw a luxurious party without even realizing where the budget is going actually, just to make others feel that it was better than your kid’s party or how a large amount I can splurge.  Sometimes, even in our society gatherings, we feel like some competition is going on among each other (if we attend). And of course, how can we take no notice of the word ‘peer pressure’ on youngsters and adults both. That’s the most noteworthy issue today which our kids and we both are facing and sometimes, it has victimized us as well.

Our notion here is not to petrify you or get some kind of pessimistic vibes to you, absolutely not! We just sought after to bring it to your scrutiny that, birthdays or any other special occurrences are all meant for your kid’s and family’s contentment, not to flaunt needlessly to the world. After all it’s your child’s ‘THE’ day which needs to be put in front more willingly than avoidable expenses in showing off, invitees, foods, decorations and so on.

As we all know, in this highly developed technological age, we scarcely get any point in time to calm down and get pleasure from our friends’ and family’s company. So, these occasions are the only special moment when you be in accord with your loved ones and flourish all your love and warmth as much as you can, while keeping them entertained. Surely it’s a time to rejoice your child’s birth, as your kids are also fond of birthday parties. It’s their instance to invite friends, cut cakes and have fun.

Significance of the ‘First’ Birthday

Yes, sure how we can fail to remember, that the very first birthday of your teen keeps a huge meaning for you. You yourself desired to exult it in a lavish style. You pay attention to the whole lot from cookery to beautifications in the finest way. Although being action-packed in the grounding of these merrymakings, it will also signify your child’s physical, emotional, mental, societal and intellectual maturity from infancy to middle age.

Certainly, children do get to know about many norms prevailing in the society and get out of their shell to participate in many entertaining performances. Exchanging of presents also encourages the sense of sharing among them. On an initial level, all this definitely excites them a lot but if repeated every year becomes quite lacklustre for them too.

But, aren’t we all have stuck to the same prototypes? Well, we can go beyond this and yet make it extravagant and happening. Yes, it looks nice when we go to someone’s birthday with a gift and have sweets. Excluding…. is this all what we can execute in our child’s exclusive day? There are plenty of other things as well, which are so indispensable that keeps a lot of substance in our child’s imminent life.

Make the B’day Bash Simple Yet Alluring

As a replacement for scheduling an exaggerated over budgeted party, make it unfussy. Going for an excursion or planning something private will be more meaningful for your youngster. You may also let your grown-ups to go for a movie with acquaintances or a sleepover with their closest friends (with all care). A personal expedition with family on weekends is not a bad thought especially when it is meant to have a good time on this extraordinary day of your dear ones also gets you nearer to your children.

The point here is that birthday festivities must not be restricted to wearing new attires and having an array of cuisine merely.

Be Grateful To the Almighty

We must start the day by thanking god.  More often than not, we as humans have this tendency to forget to thank our God for what all he has bestowed upon us. You must regard this occasion to show gratitude towards God for his astonishing demeanours to you and also make your child learn to be grateful to him for this wonderful day. You may ask your kid as well as the guests to pray for some time and request God to grant more clemency and bequests in everyone’s life.

Motivate them to Take New Resolutions

People also seize this day as a hope to take some good resolutions which will help out them to craft their lives in a better and harmonious manner. If your child is a teenager, you may convince him/her to bring in a change in their bad habits by taking an oath on this day. Kids get influenced in front of everyone and obtain things more sincerely rather than in normal days.

Also instigate your kids to get going to attain their dreams from this day onwards, encourage them if it’s correct. Do not underestimate their visions! Who knows their fantasies tomorrow might become their success story. Moreover, it will give you an immense gratification to commemorate your child’s accomplishments.

Be Thankful to Your Near and Dear Ones

You maybe be thinking by now that we are only discussing here basic protocols and moral values. nevertheless trust me, these little things, when conducted on this special day determine a lot not only by your kids but also leaves an affirmative impact on others interest too whether broods or parents.

As we strongly hold up the thought of ‘Winston Churchill’:

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.

If you have the same opinion that it’s not only your kid’s or yours uphill struggle occupied in their upbringing so far, then it’s time to thank! Thank those who possess great significance in their nurturing as you have constantly desired for. Valuable persons like teachers, associates, relations and even caretakers in addition are obliged to be thanked on this day. This titillates them about how much you value them and so brings them closer to you and your child’s even in their future scenarios as well.

Revitalize the Forgotten Memories

For a full-grown, parents may surprise and substantiate them (as it is studied necessary in adolescence) by keeping minutiae’s of all those magnificent things that has happened just after the birth of your baby which they are not conscious of. You can put it all together and reveal on this event. This will certainly make your adolescent understand your love and apprehension for them. And of course we all are reminiscent of clicking pictures and shooting videos, this swell up an immense source of ecstasy in the whole family.

Do Some Charity

Performing some charity work with your child will help them recognize the gist of other anguished persons lives and will aid them in being grounded with no snootiness.

Explain them the Value of Money

Undoubtedly, your child’s birthday keeps a mammoth pre-eminence in your living. Splatter all your love to your dear ones, but don’t overlook to instruct the essentials which will keep them going towards triumph in their life journeys. Have a great birthday bash, but don’t lose its importance. Keep them intact with what you have been educated by your parents and teachers. Make them be aware of the value of money from time to time, no matter how affluent you are. Make it a phenomenon but evade excesses.

On this birthday of your child, plan something incredible with a meaningful message.