Make Your Child Learn to Say Sorry With These Tips

Set Example

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Children learn what they see. If your child sees you apologize, he/she will follow you. Apologize whenever there’s a scope to, even on the pettiest of the mistakes. Your child should feel apologizing is as important and natural as wishing goodnight or saying goodbye while going to the school.

The Earlier The Better

Toddlers are the easier to mould, you must start young if you want to incorporate the humble behavior in your kid. Start telling your kid what’s right and what’s wrong so that they can make out when they have done something wrong.

Don’t Push

Don’t keep pushing your toddler to say sorry when he is not willing to. Small kids are generally not aware that they have offended someone just by jumping on their back so don’t expect a sincere apology from them. We are just trying to make them say sorry, rest they’ll learn as they grow up.

Teach Responsibility

Teach your kids the sense of responsibility. Encourage the use of ‘I’ with them. Instead of ‘the cat got in and drank the milk’ tell them to say ‘the cat got in coz I dint close the door’. The sense of responsibility will make them realize their fault and they’ll apologize naturally.

Appreciate and keep a check on your anger

If you get angry and yell at your child for doing something wrong, there’s no way you can make them apologize for it. When your child apologizes, appreciate them by not getting angry but hugging them instead.

Apologize For Them

When your kid has broken your neighbor’s pot and he is not apologizing for it, take lead and apologize for him. This makes them feel that apologizing won’t make them inferior and it’s not a big deal.

Sorry Makes a Difference

Tell them how saying sorry makes a difference. Tell them your childhood stories about saying sorry or making sorry cards (made up or real) and what difference did it make. It’s really amusing for kids to know the stories of their parents and grandparents.