Make up Tips that Suit your Face Shape…

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The shape of your face plays an crucial part in deciding that what makeup will give you gorgeous looks. If you wear makeup according to your face shape, you will look different from the rest. This time when you open your vanity case to add touch up to your face, remember to do it in accordance with the design of your face. If you do not know what kinda makeup is required for your face type, so here we have some tips to enhance the look.

Round-shaped face:

If you have a round face, then you certainly wanna make your face look slim. Right??? The easiest trick to do that is to use the right foundation. Here, you will need two shades of the foundation: light and dark shade. Apply the light shade foundation on the chin and forehead, and the darker shade on your cheeks and the jaw lines. Use good highlighters for eyes and dark colours for eye shadows. To get the perfect look, use two tones of foundation. If you have a double chin then apply the darker shade of the foundation to the neck area to minimize it.

Oval-shaped face:

Woman with oval face shape has the perfect face shape. To make it more beautiful, they should use natural shade foundation or the light coloured ones. Apply foundation around the nose, around the eyes and below the area of the forehead, it will accentuate your cheekbones. Do not go for a heavy makeup on the lips and eyes. If you feel the necessity to apply eye shadow, then it is better in keeping the lips in neutral shade, and if you wear dark lipstick, then keep an eye shadow of the light shade.

Square-shaped face:

Woman with square shape face goal is to decrease the square and makes it appear to be oval.  On the face, use dark shade of foundation, and then apply blush on the cheeks upper edge, commonly known as ‘apples of cheeks’. On the nose, and forehead apply light foundation; you can also try the blend of two shades of the foundation to get the ultimate look.

Heart-shaped face:

To get the right look, firstly, with the help of right makeup create an oval face shape. Pay more attention to the forehead and chin area. Apply natural foundation on the chin, and then apply light coloured blush on the cheeks especially on the inner side. For eye makeup always use dark colours, because it is important for the woman with heart shape face to highlight the eye area. Use eyeliner or mascara for a striking effect.

Long-shaped face:

Even in this face shape, you should use proper makeup to give an oval like shape. The goal here is to make the face to look wider and shorter than the actual shape. After giving touch up of oval shape, apply darker shade of foundation on the areas of the forehead and chin to highlight them. Apply light shade of foundation, on the remaining area on the face. Choose a neutral blush and apply horizontal strokes, avoid vertical strokes. On this face shape, the eyebrows should be curvy.

Diamond-shaped face:

The problem with this face shape woman is their cheekbones, which are very wide and the goal here is to make the cheekbones appear less wide. Apply makeup  on the forehead and the chin area to highlight them. Apply a dim shade of foundation below the eye and the darker one on the jaw line. Wear pale toned lipsticks to create a better look.