Love Hurts and Heals

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Not every love story is an epic tale and not all of us are blessed with a happily ever after. Love isn’t as promising as fairy tales lead us to believe nor is it our only chance at bliss. Love can hurt you, harm you, impair you, but true love will only liberate you. It will set you free.

Don’t avoid the pain that love brings. It will only help you to grow. It will make you more human yet more divine. It will make you a better soul and help you gain a deeper perspective on life. The pain that comes with true love is a blessing of its own kind, something that you will cherish as years go by. Love will shatter you at times and in those moments you will be the most powerful force on earth. For to survive the pain that the loss of true love brings, is to finish your duty in this life. Love and suffering go hand in hand. The experience is profound, beautiful and fulfilling.

Love leads you to prayer. It resurrects your faith in the higher powers, in the goodness of this life and the life after and in faith and belief. Human relationships are such that a little misery is unavoidable. Sometimes, you feel a connection with someone, at times you don’t and then there are times when either everything will happen at once or nothing at all will occur.

Turning to prayer will heal you and do you good that the naked human kind cannot comprehend. An aching hearts biggest refuge is hope, trust and positivity for the future, tasks which look insurmountable at the time for some reason. Love is an emotion that can be misjudged, misinterpreted and misunderstood. Not every worldly attraction should be conceived as love. Allow your pain to flow. Allow it to shine through you and be your formidable force. Let it seep in, become aware and let it penetrate you. Close your eyes, breathe slow and deep and feel its presence around you. Let it guide you. It will never disappoint you but will only lead you to a higher plane, to a greater dimension and towards the greater good.