Love Big Eyes? Get Yours with These Easy Tricks!

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If you love Mila Kunis for her big eyes then this one is for you! Some people are just lucky to have big eyes while some are smart to acquire one… after all, what makeup is all about if not dramatizing?

Highlight and Shape

Highlight your brow bone with a white or peach shadow to pull attention towards the shape of the eyebrows. Make sure you have stenciled your eyebrows just right. You can make your eyes look bigger instantly by make drawing the eyebrows.

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Brighten Up Your Eyes

I know your eyes are dull and tired after the tiring work at office but here’s how to brighten up your eyes a bit. Run a beige or peach liner on the bottom rim from outer corner to the inner one. Now put on some white shadow on the inside near tear duct.

Double Mascara

Long lashes give the illusion of bigger eyes and you can use any volumizing mascara to get the effect or if you have really small lashes you can use false lashes too. Just remember to apply mascara to your lower lashes as well. Use an eyelash curler to get the desired outcome.

Blending In

It’s important to conceal your dark circles and blend the eye shadow, highlights to achieve more finesse. Make sure that you conceal those eye bags and dark circles and even better, make sure you don’t get those in the first place. (Love your stress free beauty sleep)

Line up

If you have small eyes, don’t just draw along the shape with a black liner, this will make the eyes look even smaller. Line the top lid of your eye starting from the middle and extending towards the outer edge. Go ahead of the edge a little and follow with lining the lower lid to meet it. Use of ash grey or electric blue liner is recommended for small eyes.

Eye Shadow

Use light colored eye shadows like peach, beige, tangerine, etc. follow along the crease with your eye shadow to add some drama.