Lose Weight with the 7 Day Paleo Diet Plan

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The Paleo diet or the Paleolithic diet is a contemporary nutritional diet plan, founded on the ancient diet of animals and wild plants. It is popularly known as the Stone Age diet or the caveman diet.  Primarily centered on the modern foods with easy availability, the diet consists of fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, meats that are pasture raised, and grass fed, nuts, roots, and does ‘not’ include legumes, dairy products, refined sugar, refined salt, potatoes, processed oils.


In simpler terms, the paleo diet is an endeavor to eat the way our ancestors ate; if they couldn’t eat it, neither can we. So this means the things or foods the average human could find or hunt- fish, leafy vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, and staying away from cereal, candy, pasta, etc.

Basically, the typical Homo sapiens, years ago were muscular, tall, athletic, and agile, and how are we today- out of shape, overweight, stressed and home to hundreds of diseases. But the paleo diet plan is a 7 day diet plan that gets you back to living a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating. Here’s what you can include in your own paleo diet. Listed below are some options we’ve combined for you-

Day 1


Breakfast- Paleo omelet or omelet enchilada

Lunch- Big serving of salad with a protein of your choice (steak or chicken) or Spicy Chicken and Kale

Snack- Slices of apple along with almond butter or berries, and cinnamon granola

Dinner- Slow cooker pork or roasted chicken thighs

Day 2


Breakfast- Paleo banana bread or sweet potato and onion tortilla Espanola

Lunch- Blanched veggies or apple cinnamon muffin

Snack- A can of tuna or veggies and guac

Dinner- Taco pie or noodles and stir fried meat

Day 3


Breakfast- Banana pancakes or eggs

Lunch- Soup or salad and muffin

Snack- Fruit salad or paleo trail mix

Dinner- Stuffed bell pepper or grilled meat with taco seasoning

Day 4


Breakfast- Paleo muffins or pork sausages

Lunch- Wrap with lettuce or stir fried meat and noodles

Snack- Hard boiled eggs or smoked salmon

Dinner- Mashed cauliflower or parsnip in place of potatoes or meat, and veggies

Day 5


Breakfast- Steak and eggs or fried ground carrots and beef

Lunch- Cold cut veggies and meat or hard boiled eggs, bacon and tomato salad with mayonnaise

Snack- Avocado or spicy pumpkin seeds

Dinner- Paleo fried chicken fingers or spaghetti sauce with meat sauce

Day 6


Breakfast- Sweet potato hash browns and eggs or ham and asparagus omelet

Lunch- Sandwich with bell pepper slices or mussels in garlic sauce and white wine

Snack- Almonds or celery sticks

Dinner- Sundried tomato bacon wrapped meatloaf or olive, garlic and lemon chicken

Day 7


Breakfast- Veggies/eggs/meat scramble

Lunch- Lettuce wrapped chicken and guacamole or fried pork chops with sautéed spinach

Snack- Apple with raw almonds or olives and sauerkraut

Dinner- Pumpkin chili or meat and veggie stir fry

The Paleo Diet Plan is interchangeable. What you plan to eat on Tuesday, can be swapped with what you plan on eating on a Friday, and likewise. It only requires discipline and consistency on your part.

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