Lose Weight Fast with the Shred Diet Plan by Ian K. Smith

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The Shred Diet Plan by Dr. Ian K. Smith is every dieter’s dream come true. It solves all your dilemmas, all your questions and queries: How to lose extra weight? How to work through those frustrating times, and what you should do when things don’t seem to work.



In his book, “SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet”, Smith creates a program that is all about strategic dieting. It’s a total win-win combination and involves everything that Smith knows. It’s a blend of meal spacing, low GI diet & meal replacements. People following the SHRED plan will eat constantly- 4 meals (or meal replacements such as smoothies, soups, shakes) a day, along with 3 snacks, over a period of 6 weeks. The concept of “Diet Confusion” by Dr. Ian is also introduced here. Diet Confusion is similar to muscle confusion; when you perform the same exercise every day, your muscles become used to it, which stagnates your progress. Muscle confusion emphasizes on the practice of exercising your muscles differently at different times. To trigger sustained growth and achieve your fitness goals, you need to trick your body by modifying your workout.

Similarly, diet confusion stresses on altering your intake of food, in order to give your metabolism a boost. Dr. Smith says that if you eat the same food every day, your body will adjust to that particular diet. It will stabilize your metabolism, as a result of which fat will accumulate. But if you vary the quantity and kind of your food, you’ll prevent slowing down of your metabolism, and burn more calories by fueling the fat burning engines of your body.

On an average, SHREDDERS lose 20 pounds, 4 inches, 2 sizes, all in a period of 6 weeks!


Dr. Ian Smith is an internationally known weight-loss expert. He calls the SHRED plan his ‘secret weapon’ because it’s something he hasn’t witnessed before. As the name suggests, SHRED isn’t just weight loss- it reshapes your body, and changes your clothes’ size.

The 6 week distribution of the SHRED diet plan consists of various components. Here is its breakdown-

  • First Week

Prime: In this week, your body is introduced to the SHRED diet, which aids to ease it into this lifestyle change.

  • Second Week

Challenge: In the second week, you become serious with your commitment to the diet plan, through lowering your calorie intake.

  • Third Week

Transformation: By the third week, you begin to notice a difference in your appearance, and even the way you feel. This comes across as the toughest week of your diet program. You need to push yourself, in order to discover fresh ways to break your weight-loss level.

  • Fourth Week

Ascend: The fourth week will be a relief after the difficult third week. Make use of this period, to gain confidence and rebuild strength.

  • Fifth Week

Cleanse: In this week, you will work to detox your body by eliminating toxins and cleansing your blood.

  • Sixth Week

Explode: The final and last week begins a life of maintenance by following a new and sustainable lifestyle, depending on the things you have learned in the past weeks.

The 3 main principles of the SHRED diet plan are-


1.    Meal Spacing

The SHRED plan allows you to enjoy four main meals and three snacks per day. Eat small meals that will prevent you from being hungry, and will allow you for equal distribution of calories. Also, your hormones will remain stable if you space out your meals, thus preventing weight gain.

2.     Calorie Roller Coaster

In week one of the SHRED diet plan, you lower your intake of calories. This will be like a tough battle uphill- more of the roller coasters steep climb. This period is short-lived, and during week three you get your calories back. While you are gliding down the roller coaster, you can enjoy things such as pasta and pizza, but in moderation. This way, your consumption of calories is an excellent metabolic recipe for losing weight.

3.     Detox

In the SHRED diet, the cleansing process is at a later stage, which helps you to make the commitment. There is no fasting; you will only need to eat nutritional food that will help to cleanse your system naturally. You will need to drink a glass of lemon water with flaxseed oil in the morning, along with your breakfast. You can also drink a healthy cranberry juice or hibiscus tea, which is loaded with antioxidants.

General Guidelines-

What to Include


  • Liquid meals such as soups; you can drink flavored water that is no more than 60 calories, freshly squeezed lemonade, fat free milk, unsweetened almond or soy milk.
  • Though fresh fruits are always better, you can also have frozen or canned fruits (with no added sugar). Same goes for vegetables.
  • Include a limited quantity of lean protein and carbohydrates, such as sugar-free cereal, oatmeal, sweet potato, legumes/beans, etc.
  • You can have unlimited spices.

What Not to Include


  • Don’t drink regular soda or fancy coffee types such as frappucinos or lattes.
  • No fried foods, butter, cream or full-fat yoghurt. No whole eggs- only egg white. Have a limited amount of cheese.
  • Avoid candy, chips or donuts. You can indulge sometimes, but not often.
  • Only a teaspoon of mayo, ketchup, soy or mustard sauce.
  • No desserts.

The SHRED diet plan helps you to reduce your weight immensely. It is a healthy lifestyle, and the book even claims to lower the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, low energy, etc.

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