Look Picture Perfect With These Makeup Tips

Give your relationship that oomph factor to make it exciting in the Monsoon season to look picture perfect, by flaunting your beauty with your best. Monsoon is full of surprises and pleasure. But sliding eyeliner, super sticky lipstick and melting makeup are not among them. For keeping your makeup look pretty and fresh, even when the weather is against your super fleshy plans. We, as a result, garnered few tips to make you look extra glowing.


Weddings! They always bring out the scoop in you .Literally! While you may look ultra glam and smashing or you will just be a disaster. Regular kajal and lipstick just don’t do much to the camera. Here, we give you tips to look fabulous and eye catchy to all the spectators.  Flaunt and look just like a star. .

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Do not forget to remove the make up, after being Miss picture perfect !  With conditioning your skin by cleansing it, moisturizing it and toning, you would be able to maintain the picture fondly glam always. If you have sensitive skin, no need to worry, you can use Aloe-Vera gel which will dehydrate your skin.

I am sure you can step out in the rain; all dressed up without having to worry about the appearance in the wedding. And will make your makeup and you, blotchy.