Top 6 Undercut Hairstyles for Long-Haired Divas

Undercut on long hair is one of the hottest hair trends for women that prevail on the internet now. The hair is kept long with an undercut at the sides or at the back of the head.

Undercuts come in all shapes and sizes so you do not have to worry about their appearance as it can be modified to suit your personality in any way that you want. You can even have some intricate patterns or sleek designs to adorn your head too as they make you look cooler and more attractive.


Styling Undercut for Long Hair: Things to Remember

undercut long hair

Styling an undercut for women with long hair is no hassle although it is a little tricky. Here is how you can do it easily.

  • Choose a style detail that you want after analyzing the length, texture, and volume of your hair. You also need to consider the depth of the undercut that you want as it can affect the overall look a lot.
  • Determine the size of the area that you want the undercut to cover as it needs to be pre-determined. If you do not give it a prior consideration, you will not be able to rock the look that you really aim at since it will not be changeable once you are done with the undercut.
  • Now section your hair in different clips and knots to get an idea of where to begin and how to work.
  • Part the hair from a point where you want the undercut to begin. The part can be zigzag or in any other shape as the undercut does not have to have a straight outline.
  • Now cut your long hair and then use hair clippers to shave off the hair to give an undercut. If you want a design or an intricate pattern then seek professional help.


Coolest Long Undercut Hairstyles

These are the trendiest undercut for long hair that women can try this summer.

1. Sleek Ponytail

long ponytail with undercut for Women

This simple, elegant and sleek undercut with long ponytail hairstyle is perfect for formal appearances as well as casual night outs.


2. Hair Tattoo

female long hair undercut

This designer look is all that you need to have the strongest female undercut hairstyle game among your friends and co-workers.


3. Shaved Undercut

shaved undercut for long haired women

This shaved undercut for long hair is rather high but that much more intense and lovelier, so why not try it this season?


4. Side Braids

This sexy long hair undercut style is all that you need to be the center of attention wherever you go. If you are a life of parties make sure that you stay so with amazing side braid style put into bun together with so many details. The braids along the shaving make it more prominent and lovelier.


5. Intricate Design

designed undercut with long hair

What better way to go for an undercut than having a cool and intricate design? Surely there is no better way! Just ask your hairdresser for a really eye-catching and appealing design which inspires awe in the people who see it.


6. Pigtail Buns

long undercut hairstyles

This chic and cool undercut is lovely in its own way. On the upside, it is quite feminine and people just get to see a hint of the shave while looking at you from a side. This is amazing for those who do not want a very conspicuous long hairstyle.


Try these lovely undercuts for long hair and see how pretty you look and feel!