12 Attractive Long Straight Hairstyles with Layers

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If you’re trying to find the foremost fashionable styles for long straight hair with layers, then you’ve arrived at the best place. Be it any time of the year, if you want a fantastic glorious haircut and keep your hair long, go for the mystical layers.

The boring condition of the plain straight hair changes into the style of beautiful textures. Just as the dazzling light reflections have the capacity to add appeal to your hair, layers offer the same to the naturally straight and long hair.

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There are numerous individuals who stan long hairdos. The long and straight layered hairstyle looks beguiling and absolutely ultra-chic, so it constantly has ruled over the hearts of many regardless of how its variations fluctuate. Layering cuts off the extra volume of your long and thick hair to relinquish the natural hair movement, while not creating the ends look ratty or too stratified.


How To Cut Layers on Long Hair

long straight hair with layers

The renowned statement, “you must measure it twice and then proceed to cut” applied perfectly to the layered haircut. Before you decide to cut choppy layers on long hair, you have to take your face shape, length preference, and hair texture into consideration. It’s tricky to cut short layers, as compared to long layers. So do measure your skill level too.

While there are four different forms of layered haircut varying from long to short and textured to classic, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. However, a basic layered cut on long straight hair can still be achieved on your own. The basic technique involved is to simply start by taking a large portion of hair (from top-front of your head), hold a 90-degree angle with your hands and cut across.

It’s your choice, how short or long do you want your first layer to be? Work your way towards the back, taking 1-inch every time. Make sure the next layer is longer than the previous one. After that create a middle partition, comb a 1-inch section from the right side upwards and then cut the layer measuring its length at your eye/nose/mouth/chin/neck, whichever you please.

The next layer than the previous one shall be kept longer; you will be able to see what you already have trimmed to make sure of that. Repeat the process on the left side too. When you’re done, blow dry and your hair and voila your long straight hairstyle with layers is ready!


Watch the Following Video on How to Cut Long Layers for Straight Hair 

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How to Keep Your Hair Silky and Straight

long straight layered hair

There are several pairs of straightening synthetic treatments offered by the hair salons. In any case, the synthetic compounds and hot appliances harm the hair and turn them harsh and rough.

There are some characteristic techniques utilized at home to keep the hair silky and straight. They rectify the hair without harming them and abandoning their satiny smooth delicate form. You just have to be patient and repeat the process regularly at home.


For silky hair:

  • Wash your hair with cold water
  • Gently pat your hair with a towel to dry, avoid rubbing them with a towel.
  • Apply a protective serum to your hair before using a hot iron.
  • Oil your hair twice a week with jojoba/coconut/castor oil. Apply 2 hours before you wash it.
  • Soak your hair in milk for about half an hour, and then wash your hair.
  • Use comb in place of a brush to untangle your hair.
  • Do a deep condition treatment at home.

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For long hair:

  • Shampoo your hair on alternate days, not on a daily basis, or the pores will be clogged.
  • Mix honey with little water, massage your scalp before going for a shower.
  • Make an avocado, banana and almond oil paste and mask your hair in it. Or, after shampooing your hair, run black tea through your hair. Leave your hair for 20 minutes in both treatments and then rinse.
  • Comb your hair before you sleep.
  • Get your hair trimmed at least every 3rd month.


Best Straight Long Hairstyles with Layers

How about you learn some magic with some unbelievable and majestic layered hairstyles for straight long hair? Check these out.

1. Layered Hair with Bangs

long straight layers with blunt bangs

The blunt bangs added to the long straight layered hair create a stronger and hotter outlook. You can also dye your hair for a more attractive look.


2. Long Layers and Bardot Bangs

long straight hair with layers and bangs

For a girly and invigorating look, you can count on getting long hair with layers and bangs.


3. Evergreen Layers

long straight hair with layers

Women over 40 will fall for this extraordinary plum brown hairstyle. It has disconnected tapered tips of the layers, a mix of short and long layers, on straight hair, for a young look.


4. Center Parted Long Layers

middle parted long straight layers

Simply brush your long straight layers in properly and style them in a center-parted look. An effortlessly splendid look!


5. Long V-Shaped Layers

long straight hair with layers

Gone are the days when V-shaped haircuts used to be in the “don’t go for it” lists. There’s no way women would ever say no to classy v-shaped straight layers in long hair because they frame the face shape fabulously.


6. Waterfall Curls

Looking for a softer look? Opt for a V-shaped haircut with short layers. The curled tips give a wonderful lose texture.


7. Long Layers With a Side Part

Freshly tapered hair with layers looks flattering with a side-part.  An easy-going look!


8. Braided Bangs with Long Layers

Carrying open straight hair is not a delight every day. Be a little creative and braid your bangs, let your layered long balayage hair fall freely and you’re good to go pretty!


9. Layers in Strawberry Blonde

Rather than classical layers, you can style your long straight hair with textured layer haircut. It shows more movement in your hair. Beautiful blonde hairstyles for girls with blue eyes.


10. Short Fringes and Copper Blonde Hair

long straight layers with short fringe

It’s a breathtaking combination of teenage inspired fringes and lady-like textured short layers. You might not see much of a difference between these uneven fringed and side bangs, but that’s the beauty of it.


11. Messy Braid In Layered Hair

messy braid in long straight layered hair

Who wants a totally casual yet awe-inspiring killer look? You can definitely manage to face framing highlighted hair look like both at the same time. All you’d need would be a messy braid of your layered hair. The more tousled you keep it, the sexier it’d look.


12. Caramel Blonde Hair

long straight asymmetrical hair with layers

Who always said the layers in your hair must look symmetrical? If women can get an asymmetrical bob, then an asymmetrical long straight hair with layers cut is a must-try.


FAQs on Long Straight Hairstyles with Layers

Q1. Do Layers make your hair look thin?

Ans. It depends whether you’re getting short layers or long layers. If you chose long layers the distance between the layers is recognizable, the volume of your hair is decreased, making them appear thin. While on the other hand, in short layers, the distance between the layers is kept short, making them appear bulkier.


Q2. Short layers or long layers Which look good on straight hair?

Ans. In case you have straight hair with normal texture, both short or long layers would look great on you. However, if the natural texture of your hair is sleek and flat, then long layers look the best, or they’d look stringier. Ideally, long layers add more glam and texture to hair.


The long straight hairstyles with layers are no doubt the most sizzling ones. You make a bouffant of the front segment or brush and part your hair, it will look gorgeous anyway. Don’t forget to use a smoothening hair gel to keep the whole look unblemished for long. All in all, prepared to wear your preferred one yet?