6 Ideal Long Pixie Haircuts for Thick Haired Women

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Thick hair, when cut, can have a tendency to stick out at the ends in a mushroom shape. That is why long pixie cut for thick hair is a suitable choice! Firstly, it’s important to work with an experienced stylist to achieve the look you want and secondly, don’t rule out styles based on their length.


Best Long Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

If you have the right stylist you achieve the look you want by working with your hair instead of against it. Here are 6 long pixie cuts that are ideal for thick hair.

1. Long Layered Pixie with Side Part

Long Layered Pixie for Thick Hair

Layering is the key to successfully achieving a great looking pixie cut on thick hair; clever cutting and layering make the hair lighter, and less likely to look puffy. Layers allow the hair to lay nicely and add interest to the look, whilst the side parting works with the way the hair falls naturally and also flatters the face.


2. Layered Pixie with Quiff

long blonde pixie cut for thick hair

The quiff is an increasingly popular hairstyle on both men and women and it meshes well with long pixie cuts for thick hair as it requires quite a lot of body to look good, which thick hair naturally has. The layers cut into this look simply lightly the hair up, preventing the mushroom shape and allowing product to work well enough to hold the quiff.


3. Graduated Pixie Cut

long graduated pixie cut for thick hair

Starting shorter at the back and gradually becoming longer around the face, the graduated cut is becoming more and more popular. The graduated bob is now iconic, but the graduated pixie, just that bit shorter, is gaining in popularity very quickly too.


4. Wavy Pixie Cut

long pixie cut for thick wavy hair

This long pixie may be harder to achieve on some thick hair types, but for those with naturally wavy hair, it can be a great look that is easy to style in the morning. There’s not lots of layering, though some are needed just to thin out the ends, and instead, the style is quite blunt which is very trendy right now.


5. Ombre Pixie Cut with Baby Bangs

long ombre pixie with thick hair

Whether you have natural waves or use styling tools to achieve them they can be a great way of working with thicker hair; providing structure and lift to the hair. Long pixie cuts for thick hair look great with added layers and waves.


6. Long Pixie with Bangs

long pixie bob for women with thick hair

Somewhere between a bob and a pixie cut, this long pixie cut is ideal for thicker hair types as plenty of layering can be added to get the hair sitting the way you like it. The side parting too can be customized to suit the way that your hair grows.


The ideal long pixie haircut for thick hair will make use of the hair’s plentiful texture and body but find a way to contain it, and have it sit well to minimize daily maintenance. Often this will mean adding layers into the cut, but the good news is that these are super flattering. Hopefully, these styles will give you some ideas and inspiration as you work with your hairdresser to find the right cut for your hair.