How to Style with Long Curly Crochet Hair – Top 4 Ideas

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Long curly crotchet hair is back in fashion and that too with a bang! The curly haired women across the globe are coming up to their stylists to get the latest curly crotchet hairstyles done for them. The crotchet hair is trendy and in fashion throughout the year, so there is hardly anything to stop them.


Popular Long Hairstyles with Curly Crochet Hair

The best thing about these hairstyles is that you do not have to worry about having to redo your hair for up to 8 weeks. This is the real beauty of protective hairstyles which have become the best friends of busy women of this rea. Here are 4 creative and amazing ideas to style long curly crotchet hair.

1. Freetress Curly Locs

black woman with long curly crochet hair

Look at how amazing and bold these long curly crochet locs look. Aren’t they lovely and worth going crazy for? The yellows in the crotchet locks make them pop with unbeatable energy which you are sure to go and impress people with. This hairstyle is a piece of art since it has so much detail and character to it.

The faux locs bring more texture to the lovely curls that cascade down the sides and front of your hair. You can personalize this cool hairstyle by replacing the yellows with your favorite colors to show the world your resilient soul.


2. Faux Dreadlocks with Curls

blonde and long curly crochet hair

Want to go all rock star this season with your hairstyles? This is the perfect long blonde curly hairstyle to bring out your unbending and ever glowing soul. The grey curly long crotchet hair has a witty and wicked charm to it which helps you stand out everywhere that you step foot in. The messy faux locs have gently and smooth curls at the ends which present a fun and mysterious contrast to your personality.

What else is there to ask from a track hairstyle when you have all this to help you be hot and sultry at the same time? It can be your new look you have been planning for a long time. Don’t we ladies love to try new things? Try this one and bring a new change to your look.


3. Curly Half Up Half Down Hair

bun for long curly crochet hair

Why settle for something that is not your style when you have so much energy that you cannot keep it bottled up? This purple crotchet bun at the top goes perfectly with the loose curls at the sides. It looks beautiful and truly apart.

If you have long hairs and you really want to pick up a style that can bring the true colors of your personality. This is one of the best choices to try right now. Believe it or not, it’s worth trying.


4. Long Brown Curls

long curly crochet hairstyles for women

If dull and boring hair is not your thing and you want to spice things up with a little touch of your own rebellious self to your hairstyle then go for it. The brown long curly crotchet hair is all fun and stylish since they have loose ends which have just twists and not curls. The baby hair at the front is gently slicked to the skin making it hotter.

The crotchet is set in its place for a long, long time and you can just be your true confidant and sexy self with this. Long curls itself shows that you are bold and strong and you can handle yourself well. It really gives your look a unique and attractive appearance in front of everyone.


With all these fun and energetic curly long crochet hairstyle ideas up your sleeve, why don’t you rush to your stylist and get a hairstyle update? You will surely love every single one of them because of their speechless look.