12 Ways to Style Choppy Layers with Long Hair

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Choppy layers with long hair actually look pretty amazing and they’re relatively easy to style and carry around because the layers already complete your look and you can look stunning even without styling them much! If you have long hair and you go get a haircut, chances are your hair stylist will give you choppy layers in order to increase the volume of your hair and add some definition to it.


Coolest Long Hairstyles with Choppy Layers

Here are 12 ways to style choppy layered long hair:

1. Middle Part

choppy layers with long hair

A midline part in choppy layers gives a neat and stunning overall look because it makes the two sides look symmetrical! The look in the photo above can be obtained by getting a choppy-layered haircut with long hair and then tying your hair into a braid at night. Next, wake up and remove the braid. Part your hair from the middle and you’ll get this look!


2. Copper Blonde Hair

long hair with choppy layers

This hairstyle features a long choppy layered hairstyle with a raised back. You can get a raised back by backcombing your hair! Part the hair to one side on the front and then back-comb the backside to get this look! It’s a great look if you want to add some volume to your hair.


3. Messy Blonde Hair

messy long hair with choppy layers

This hairstyle on choppy layers with long hair looks absolutely gorgeous and it’s a great hairstyle for adding some volume to your hair. The blonde hairstyle for tan skinned girl would look even better if you added some beach waves to your hair. You can get this hairstyle by tying your hair into a bun after getting out of a shower and then open it up a few hours later!


4. Choppy Layers with Thick Curly Hair

long curly hair with choppy layers

Managing curly hair can be a really hard job but getting chopped layers on long curls will make your life a lot easier! It will prevent your hair from getting into an afro and it will help distribute the volume of your hair.


5. Neon Green Ombre

choppy layers with long green ombre hair

This hairstyle looks gorgeous and is a great hairstyle to wear at formal events like weddings and other parties! Having your hair dip-dyed will only accentuate and enhance the look of this hairstyle! You can also wear this hairstyle casually in your daily routine to make sure your hair stays out of your way.


6. Layers for Long Blonde Curly Hair

Choppy layers are a great way to style long curly hair! When stylists chop off curly hair into layers, the layers prevent too much volume from building up at one place, which is a pretty common complaint that women with curly hair come up with! Hence, this way, you won’t have to worry about too much volume building up at one place!


7. Messy Ponytail

Ponytails are classy and nothing can beat their elegant and simple look. Tie your choppy layers into a ponytail to prevent yourself from feeling hot this summer season!


8. Choppy Layers with Bangs

Choppy Layers with Beach Waves

Bangs usually complete the long choppy layered look. In the photo above, the beach waves along with the bang look absolutely stunning and are recommended for those that have dyed their hair into lowlights and highlights because the beach waves and chops really accentuate such hair colors! This hairstyle can be used on casual as well as formal occasion and it’s a complete look within itself!


9. Half-bun

This casual look is ideal for chopped layers, especially during the summer season because it keeps your hair out of your face. The long hairstyle with choppy layers above looks stunning and can be worn for casual occasions like a trip to the mall or to university or college!


10. High Bun

High bun for long choppy layered hair

Tie your choppy layers into a high bun as shown in the picture above! To increase the volume of the front part, you can back-comb the front part of your long curly brown hair.


11. Messy Half Up Hair with Beach Waves

half up long hairstyle with choppy layers

The hairstyle shown in the picture above looks stunning and gorgeous! The beach waves with choppy layers and long hair look wonderful and the half-tied hair gives a graceful and elegant look. To get this hairstyle, simply tie up half of your hair using your own hair. Next, you can add a braid on each side too if you want.


12. Simple and Straight

choppy layers on long straight hair

Simply straighten your long chopped layers and then keep them open. The result will be lusciously beautiful hair that will give you a gorgeous look!


So, what are you waiting for? Try getting choppy layers with long hair and see for yourself how they look on you! There are many ways to style them, so don’t worry about the styling part!