7 Stunning Long Blonde Curly Hairstyles That We Love

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Long blonde curly hair is one of the most sought-after types. All women long for those long healthy locks that you can style in so many ways. The good thing is that even if you are not blessed with curly hair, you can easily get the look that you like. The ones that do have a naturally wavy, frizzy, or curly hair should enjoy in the beauty of the hairdo.


Popular Long Curly Blonde Hair Ideas

You will definitely find these below 7 long blonde curly hairstyles very useful, no matter in which group you belong in. They are all simple, gorgeous and great for a range of ages.

1. Messy Topknot

Half-Up Half-Down Blonde Curly Hair

Half-up, half-down hairdos for long blonde curls are as simple as it gets. Grab a tie, bobby pins and you’re done in minutes.

Ideal for: Great for long hair, when you want an easy solution that is not an updo.

How to Style: Get a hair tie and the top part of the hair. Twist it in a bun and secure it with bobby pins.


2. Long Golden Blonde Finger Curls

woman with long golden blonde curly hair

This is one of the most gorgeous types of natural long curls with blonde hair color.

Ideal for: You’re simply born with it!

How to Style: Use loads of products to protect it from heat and protect the color.


3. Long Platinum Blonde Curly Hair

Long Platinum Blonde Curly Hair

The platinum color trend is here to stay. Although it appeared years ago and we all thought it’s a temporary craze, this hair dye is still going strong.

Ideal for: Perfect for all women who are ready for a big change.

How to Style: Always visit a hairstylist to achieve the platinum blonde to prevent damage.


4. Glamorous Half-Up Style

half up long blonde curly hair

We all need an elegant hairstyle once in a while that is meant for special events. Transform that long blonde curly hair in a fabulous half-up mane.

Ideal for: Great for weddings.

How to Style: Tease the top part of the hair and secure it in a half up. Finish off with glamorous accessories.


5. Sleek Ponytail

sleek ponytail with long curly blonde hair


This ponytail hairstyle is possibly the most popular one because the colors are so stunning.

Ideal for: Great for long and curly blonde hair that needs a fresh change.

How to Style: Leave your natural curls be, just protect them with the regular products.


6. Ombre Hair

long blonde ombre curly hair

The blonde ombre technique is still very much a thing and you can do it on your long curly mane.

Ideal for: This is the dyeing technique meant for literally everyone. A classic way to style long curls with blonde shades.

How to Style: Ask for a blonde ombre look from your hairstylist.


7. Mexican Blonde

long blonde curly hair with middle part

Next time you want to upgrade a long blonde curly mane you can get bangs.

Ideal for: Ladies who are tired of their same look can amp up the game with bangs.

How to Style: Style the bangs with a round brush or straighten them with a hair iron.


Your long blonde curly hair can be styled in so many different ways, all you need is the right ideas. The examples feature curly hair of all types, starting with very small finger curls, to more relaxed waves. And, we also made sure to cover a range of occasions, so that you have all the hairstyles that you need in a single list.