Live-In Relationship VS. Marriage!

“Marriages are made in heaven but are we losing faith in the ‘heaven-made’ things lately?”

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Nisha , 23 is an IT professional living in Mumbai and sharing her life and her 1 bedroom apartment with her boyfriend and co-worker Nitin. When we asked her about her plans of getting married? She rolls her eyes and denies the need to get married. She is happy living with Nitin but she doesn’t know how long the happiness will last and doesn’t want to get stuck by tying the knot.

Live-in relationships are not news for India. There are plentiful couples from celebrities to the aam janta who are readily accepting this supposedly western trend. So what’s different? What is it that makes the live in relationship better than marriage?

Here we’ve weighed different aspects of human sentiments in terms of marriage and live-in

Commitment and the Freedom to Leave!

Live in relationships offer the freedom to the people in a relationship. They are free to lead their own lives while sharing it with the other. They are free to leave if things don’t work out whereas marriages are for a lifetime. You just can’t opt out of a marriage. The social taboo of divorce and the legal hassle leaves the people feebly in despair and the divorce thrashes a lasting impression on their lives.

Our say: The freedom to leave or just the knowledge that you can leave without much fuss is something which makes one more confident towards oneself and each other.

Marriage of Bank Accounts?

In live in relationships, couples have the freedom to manage their own finances. Though, married couples too are opting for the separate financial accounts of each, nowadays but it ultimately melts down to a level where you don’t have an individual financial life. Also, breaking a marriage means heavy compensation and maintenance which can completely mess your finances.

Our say: Marriage gives you the financial security which no live in relationship can ever provide.

Rehearsal of Marriage!

Marriage is a serious affair. The question of a lifetime. The one thing that decides your destiny. Right? So, why are we not allowed to spill out the big decision of marrying a guy of our own choice than to marry someone our parents chose? There are a lot of couples who prefer to live-in for a while before converting their relationship into the everlasting marriage.

Our say: It is very important that you decide to get married to a guy instead of just following the notion of marriage in destiny.

Social Stance???

The Indian society is still not very forthcoming to the live in relationships. They like to talk about celebrities and people in live-in relationship but when it comes to accepting the trend, the society seems to shirk out of it. Though, the changing generations are totally unbiased about it, the sarcasm can’t be denied.

Our say: The society always has something to say. We feel sarcasm is better than a failed marriage which again ultimately leads to the same.

In the Longer Run…

Not only the elder and the wiser, but the younger generation as well, prefers marriage for the longer run. After all it’s not only about two people, it’s also about the family, the kids and nobody wants to miss on the magical sphere of the family. Couples in live in relationships too end up with either getting married or walking out of the relationship.

Our say: Live in relationship is the journey whereas marriage is the destination. We feel live-in relationship can’t take over marriage but its significance can’t be denied as well.

So, is marriage losing its so-called sacred institution? No, what everybody needs to understand is that a live-in relationship is not a replacement to marriage but at the same time, it’s not immoral or an act of infidelity as some preachers of the Indian culture phrase it.